More than 2 billion people live in countries experiencing high water stress. 

People with access to water or handwashing stations

Wells, filters, tanks or water points installed

People educated on hygiene practices


Water is life, and clean water is at the core of sustainable development. Water and sanitation projects are deeply interwoven with other sustainable development goals. Improving access to clean water increases a child’s ability to stay in school instead of walking miles to collect water every day. Improving sanitation also improves health and reduces the risk of waterborne or diarrheal diseases. Building new wells and water collection systems provide jobs within communities. And finally, increased access to water can help provide economic and agricultural sustainability.

Water-related facts:

Daniel's Thriving Business in Rwanda
Daniel received a grant from ODW's partner Zoe Ministry to start a business selling fruits and vegetables. With his profits, Daniel expanded his business selling bananas, eggplants and onions. With his savings, he bought three goats (he now owns five) and five hens for his siblings. He took a group loan to buy one pig. Daniel grows cassava, sweet potatoes, beans, sorghum, arrowroots, Irish potatoes and maize and has a kitchen garden.
Improved Health at School
Miguel was known by his teachers to be a shy child with obvious signs of malnourishment. Once enrolled in the school health program started by our partner Mil Milagros, he began to come out of his shell. Miguel’s teacher reports that he is now paying better attention in class due to his improved hygiene habits, nutritious breakfast, and healthy snack he receives at school each day.
Community Gardens in Senegal
With year-round access to abundant, affordable, and clean water, cooperative members in three rural communities now have the resources necessary to grow vegetables throughout the year for the first time ever. With water and training in sustainable agriculture, residents will have sustainable access to nutritious foods and will gain a reliable source of household income.
Romulo Plants Corn
Romulo Gonzalez, a corn farmer in Guatemala, switched to Semilla Nueva's bio-fortified corn seed to meet his family’s needs. By planting the fortified corn seed F3, farmers are able to grow enough nutritious corn to feed their entire family with tasty, iron, protein, and zinc enriched tortillas for a year.

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