Make an impact on extreme global poverty

become a faith group partner with us

One of our core beliefs is that everyone, no matter what age, gender, race, culture, or religion, can join our movement and make an impact. Places of worship have a rich history of social justice and play an extremely vital role in the movement of One Day’s Wages. We would be honored to partner with your faith community to help you raise awareness and funds for an ODW cause surrounding extreme global poverty.



Host an Event

Devoting an event with your faith community is a great way to give back to those living in extreme global poverty. Watch our film on refugees with a faith-based conversation guide.


Become a Sponsor at our Gala

We invite you to become a matching sponsor at our Annual Gala to support ODW’s operations.

Take an offering

There are many ways to get creative to support a cause like clean water or human trafficking!

Evangelical Chinese Church

Devoting an event with your faith community is a great way to give back to those living in extreme global poverty. The youth at Evangelical Chinese Church participated in a Walk for Clean Water fundraiser for the ODW Clean Water Fund. They made it a competition and split into small groups, each carrying 5 gallon buckets of water around a track to simulate what it might be like for someone required to gather fresh water for their family daily. Together their teams raised over $30,000!

Common Good Church

Common Good Church hosted an annual Christmas Party for a Cause. In 2018, their holiday party raised over $20,000. This gathering not only cultivated community within their church with a sweater contest and a potluck, but raised awareness for global poverty during a time of giving.



Demonstrate your values

Show your community that you care about global issues and are taking action

Inspire action

Becoming an ODW partner creates a message of global justice & the churches role in this that you get to share with your congregation


Develop a relationship

We want to build mutually beneficial, meaningful relationships with our faith groups

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