Invest in Clean Water for Uganda

The Adventure Project

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Water for Uganda

The Adventure Project

We are partnering with The Adventure Project to provide safe and reliable drinking water to four remote villages in Western Uganda. Join us for World Water Day this year to invest in sustainable water for life!

Why Western Uganda?

In Africa, 50,000 wells are currently broken. Wells often break within the first two years because the communities haven’t been taught the skills, or provided with the tools and parts, to fix them.

Kamwenge, which is located in western Uganda, has a population of ~300,000 people, and is comprised of a considerable refugee population (fleeing DRC). According to current data, only 54% of the district currently has access to clean water, substantially lower than the national average. The four remote and mountainous communities we’ll be working with, Bubare, Muragyi A, Muragyi B, and Kabuye, have never had a water system before. The people are currently drinking from contaminated ponds and streams that they have to walk long distances to reach.

ODW + The Adventure Project 

Instead of drilling shallow wells that need constant maintenance and repair, this project will provide a more sustainable solution. A deep borehole will be drilled and water will be piped directly through a tap stand network, into the four communities. This way, the water system will last for generations and people will have safe, reliable drinking water piped near their homes and schools.

This piped system will reach at least ten locations throughout these villages. At each tap stand, a village member will be trained in the community to maintain their tap and sell the water at an ultra-affordable price. The funds raised will ensure the water system has the funding needed to keep the system working for generations.

Join Us! 

Because these four communities lack any water systems and live in a remote region, it will cost approximately $300 to bring safe and reliable water to one person. ODW is matching every gift up to a total of 50K, which means that every $150 you donate will transform the life of one person. Join us!

Photos by Esther Haven

2 Mothers Give $2 a Day

Two mothers in a nearby village inspired this campaign. Earning only $2 per day, these two friends found work at a nearby farm, and labored for five days in order to each contribute $10. When asked why they would labor for five days to contribute as much as they could, one friend replied, “Water is life. Without water there is no life.”

Community members are incredibly motivated by the possibility of getting quality water. Together, families have begun raising their own funds to contribute as much as possible.

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