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by | May 22, 2019

We are all investors. Each decision we make devotes our time and resources to a cause. Five dollars for coffee contributes to our productivity. $10 a month towards Netflix provides us entertainment. $100 spent on a nice night out brings enjoyment. These costs all add up as our priorities, noted by dollar signs.

We invite you to consider your habits of giving as part of your monthly investments in your health, wellbeing, and values. The concept of giving our one day’s wages is rooted in shifting our perspective towards investing in change. If we are living with intention, our priorities will fall in line with our values. For ODW, our values are grounded in empowerment, transparency, mutuality, impact, and dignity.


We’re a passionate organization that does the hard work to change the world. You are necessary for that progress to occur. To keep our roots growing deeper into the communities around the world, we need you.

This is why we started The Roots. This core group of donors commits to giving monthly to ODW. Each of these valued individuals is an investor in our core mission to alleviate extreme global poverty. This monthly support enables us to partner with real people who are doing great work to empower people in their communities.


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People, like Marie Claire (pictured left) a courageous woman and natural leader, were empowered. She received training through our partner’s, Kula Project, Fellowship Program. After pitching her business idea of rearing pigs in order to produce organic fertilizer to use on her own farm and sell in her community, she was awarded a financial investment to get her business off the ground.

By giving monthly, you’ll immediately be able to support your global neighbors, like Marie Claire and her family.

Gifting $10 a month makes a sustainable impact through our partnerships. Giving $57 a month (or $1.90 a day in recognition of the global poverty line) provides much needed resources and support to communities around the world. You can join The Roots by giving any amount today.

No gift is insignificant as every person matters to ODW. Plus, 100% of your donation (minus credit card fees) goes directly to the communities we serve.


One donor from The Roots said, “I know it’s small, but it’s my monthly reminder to do something for those who have less resources than myself.” Monthly giving can be part of the routine, just as coffee and Netflix may be part of yours.

Monthly donors Bob and Eunice know that their continued investment in ODW is integral to this grassroots movement. “What if we also put the things that reflect our values on autopay? Giving monthly to ODW is a simple and easy way for us to participate in the work they are doing.”


By becoming part of the movement and joining The Roots, you’ll be supporting our grand goals to grant out even more than last year. We’ll keep you informed each step of the way. You’ll gain access to our quarterly reports and will be the first to hear updates about what we are working on.

Each simple act of generosity by you brings us closer to a more just and beautiful world. Join us today in giving monthly.

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