Project #208 | Empowering Girls & Women in Rural Zambia

Our Partnership with Impact Network

Most families in the Eastern province of Zambia are subsistence farmers, where there is no formal job market or formal economy. Over three-quarters of this rural population lives on less than $0.64 a day. Impact Network has been working in these communities for over ten years, building schools, training teachers, and much more. This has led to great improvements in the areas of literacy and numeracy. However, girls and women are still falling behind in three main areas: education, health, and employment.

Many girls do not attend school or face high dropout rates as they approach puberty. Access to washing facilities and proper sanitary pads as they begin to menstruate is low across educational facilities. That being said, over 40% of women ages 15-24 are illiterate. Girls also face many physical and psychological challenges such as abuse, early marriage & pregnancy, and HIV. All of this can lead to a long-term cycle of poverty and hardship. Finally, there are limited economic opportunities for women in rural African communities. Unemployment in Zambia is 13% and even when females are employed, they face a substantial gender pay gap.

One Day’s Wages partnered with Impact Network to holistically address these core issues facing girls and women in rural communities. Hundreds of girls took part in an eSchool 360 program, overall improving retention, attendance, and academic performance. Additionally, the partnership offered workshops and classes on wellbeing, and reproductive health, and aided in the process of training female teachers to help provide economic opportunities that would not otherwise be possible.



Our Collective Impact

Students Using eSchool 360

Health Workshop Attendees

Teachers Hired

Meet Rolin

Rolin is a 12-year-old girl in the 7th grade at Mkhazika Community School. She really enjoys school but was anxious about beginning year seven, her final year in primary school before taking exams to qualify for secondary school. Despite this, she said “I know that this project is helping to prepare me for a better future. I wish to learn more and progress with school and hopefully graduate from secondary school. My favorite teacher is Aurelia Phiri because Madam Phiri shows great care for her pupils and always teaches them well. My favorite subject is science because I like to learn about life and nature.” Rolin wants to become a traffic police officer when she grows up so she can secure people’s lives and safety on the roads. Rolin felt proud that she could learn all the subjects at school via tablet lessons. The lessons helped her understand things more clearly and help her progress with her English skills. She wishes to always be a hard-working person and help her community.

Thank you for making this possible!

Our movement is grassroots, to us that not only means the work on the ground is led by local leaders with the support of the community, but it also means that we raise the funds for our projects through everyday donors just like you. In addition to all the donors that gave $25, $100, or $250 and the campaigners that ran a race or donated their birthday to raise funds, we also want to thank our generous business, school, and faith sponsors who believed in our work and joined the movement.

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