Project #207 | Healthy Schools, Healthy Children in Guatemala

Our Partnership with Mil Milagros

Guatemala is home to the highest rate of chronic child malnutrition in the Western Hemisphere; 50% of children suffer from chronic malnutrition and stunting. And in the rural areas in which Mil Milagros works, the rates are even higher, exceeding 70%. Rural Mayas in Guatemala have limited access to water, nutritious food, hygiene supplies, and education; most of which live on $2.00 or less per day. The lack of economic resources makes it difficult for families to afford medical care or send their children to school. The primary school completion rate is estimated to be about 51% in these areas and the closest public hospital is one hour away. 

One Day’s Wages partnered with Mil Milagros to support their Healthy Schools Program, an innovative health and hygiene intervention to prevent disease and improve the health of children and their families in the municipality of Santa Lucia Utatlan, Solola, Guatemala. Mil Milagros delivered monthly emergency hygiene and food supply baskets to participating children and their families, along with training volunteer mothers to serve as leaders in a new hygiene protocol developed by the Mil Milagros staff. Additionally, they created hygiene videos and podcasts that were then broadcasted to the community and used in an overall campaign to improve handwashing across the region.

Our Collective Impact

Mothers Trained on Healthy Hygiene Practice

Infants & Young Children Provided Health & Hygiene Packages

School Aged Children Provided Health & Hygiene Packages

Meet Maria

María was both a participant in the Early Childhood Development program as well as a mother, leader, and volunteer in 2020. She actively participated in workshops, engaging in conversations and using her personal experiences to connect to the learning material. She was diligent about putting what she learned into practice and made sure to keep her family healthy by implementing good hygiene practices at home. María knew from experience how valuable the information from Mil Milagros could be. In the absence of our normal workshops, María did what she could to make Mil Milagros’ hygiene videos accessible to as many people as possible. Not everyone in rural Guatemala has access to television or social media to view these videos, so María shared the videos with relatives and neighbors who otherwise would not have been able to see them. María worked to ensure that her own children are healthy while also promoting healthy practices in her community.

Thank you for making this possible!

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