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What does it take to cut through the noise around the refugee crisis? Do the numbers of people impacted have to continue climbing; do we need to wait for another tragic event? What if instead we begin by listening? Not to pundits trying to turn this issue into another dividing line, but to the refugees themselves: to the children, mothers, and fathers that courageously share their stories of loss, resilience, and hope.

We have a simple conviction here at One Day’s Wages: listening leads to empathy, and empathy leads to better humanitarian engagement and aid. This is the promise that we have made to our friends and partners who are in the midst of the ongoing crisis: we won’t forget you. We are still listening.

Join us in listening today. We invite you to watch the film below and use the additional resources to ignite both conversation and action in your community.

Watch the film

Additional Resources


In November 2017, Pastor Eugene Cho travelled to the Middle East and listened to the real, raw, and honest stories of refugees fleeing danger and violence. Our partner organization and in-country host, World Relief, asked Pastor Eugene to share more about the role that the Church can play in this global refugee crisis.

This short video, comprised of several practical, pastoral, and theological questions, will equip faith leaders in your churches, schools, or small groups and guide your community’s engagement around the global refugee crisis.


Are We Listening? can be an emotionally and theologically challenging film to watch. That’s why we have created this faith-based conversation guide as a companion piece for the stories you’ve just heard. We pray that this resource creates space to ask difficult questions, step into the shoes of our global neighbors, and mobilize Spirit-led action.

Click here to instantly download the Are We Listening Conversation Guide.

Join the movement and

stand with refugees

Host a screening

Show the film in your home, school, or faith community as a way to raise awareness and catalyze action.


Small amounts can make a big impact when they come from a movement of people. Join us by giving to refugee relief.

Start a fundraiser

Get creative today and mobilize your community to make an impact by launching your own fundraising campaign.

Did you know?

Approximately 65 million people are displaced worldwide; among them are 22.5 million refugees, half of whom are under the age 18. These staggering statistics are the highest rates of displacement that have ever been recorded by the United Nations Refugee Agency.

There isn’t a simple resolution to the global refugee crisis. It’s complicated and messy, but that difficulty shouldn’t stop us from engaging. When we launched a Syrian relief effort in 2014, we were ready for the long haul. Through our partners on the ground we’ve invested over $300,000 in aid and development work, ranging from supplies that prepared families for the cold winters living in camps to establishing schools for children and child friendly spaces.

While there are many things you can do to stand with refugees and engage this issue well, we challenge you to listen, learn, engage, and give. When their stories pop up in the news, don’t turn away. When it feels like it’s a hopeless crisis, don’t give up hope. You can make an impact in the lives of people seeking refuge.

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