This year we have big goals for our World Water Day campaign with our partner, The Adventure Project (TAP). Our goal is to provide 5,750 people in Uganda with access to clean water by restoring 23 wells, while also creating jobs for 46 people. Through this campaign, we will match the first $37,680 raised in order to reach TAP's goal of $75,360 to expand upon our first project with them last year. Join us and make an impact this World Water Day! 

The Crisis

780 million lack access to clean water which claims the lives of 3.5 million people every year, that's nearly the population of Los Angeles.  There are great people and organizations working on ending the water crisis, but far too often, despite great intentions, many of these projects are not sustainable and end up failing within the first few years. It is estimated that there are 50,000 broken wells in Africa alone.  More specifically, over 1/3 of wells drilled in the past 20 years are currently broken. This means that millions of people that once had clean water are now risking their lives and livelihoods drinking un-safe water. It doesn't have to be this way.     

The Adventure Project understands the importance of building sustainable solutions that continue to be a source of clean water for years to come. By training mechanics, they not only ensure that well is looked after in the coming years, but they also create jobs in the community to help the economic development. 

Our Partnership with TAP

This year, our partnership with TAP has a very large goal: Provide 5,750 people in Uganda with clean water by restoring 23 wells and create 46 jobs to ensure the sustainability. We funded part of this pilot project last summer through a $5,000 grant, so we're really excited to help TAP complete the full project and help spread the idea to other communities. 

The idea of sustainability and community empowerment is a core belief for us in how we approach development, that's why Diana's story is so compelling to us. When Diana was young, the well in her village broke and no one knew how to fix it; she remembers watching her father and the other men in the village scratching their heads. At that moment, Diana knew that she would dedicate her life to solving this problem for millions of people like herself. After graduating from the best university in Uganda, she began training men and women in western Uganda to restore broken wells and become well mechanics. 

How You Can Help

We have a pretty ambitious goal to raise $37,680 in one week, so we need everyone to help us make this possible. Join us:

Give: Any amount will help us towards our goal, here's the impact of your gift:

  • $20 helps one person gain access to clean water. 
  • $100 helps a whole family.
  • $1,500 helps an entire community– with the match!

Donate & Join Us This World Water Day!