We are excited to announce another project (project #49) that is fully funded at $15,500! In September we launched a campaign to raise funds for BusinessKind, an organization providing Myanmar (also known as Burma) with malaria prevention education and insecticide treated bed nets to help combat malaria and train marginalized women with job skills. 

How Did We Accomplish This? 

This project was made possible through many individual donors that either gave to this specific project or who gave to our Health Fund previously.  Thanks to each and everyone who helped make this possible. Because of you we are able to help prevent malaria in Myanmar. 

A Word From BusinessKind:

Dear Friends,

Thank you for raising funds needed to protect 1000 Myanmar families from malaria. One Day's Wages boosted your donations to $15,500.  

Your concern and generous donations will save lives and create four meaningful jobs for women living with HIV /AIDS.

BusinessKind Myanmar has identified three rural villages that need malaria prevention education and protective bed netting. GoodSleep Bed Nets has trained and hired four more women to make the village designed bed nets. They have already made 300 bed nets. In February we will start our prevention workshops and bed net distribution to the villages. The mortality of pregnant women and their infants from malaria in these villages is 50%.  That is quickly going to change thanks to One Day Wages partnership with you.

With gratitude,
Helen Gunthorpe
Founder and Director | BusinessKind  

Thank You!

As always, we'll report back to you with progress reports as they become available to us. You can also learn more about our Health Fund and make a donation to future projects like this one. We're grateful for your partnership, support, and trust.