Please help.

There is a severe crisis and famine in the Horn of Africa (Ethiopia, Kenya, and Somalia) that is impacting more than 11 million people. 

One Day's Wages has launched a Horn of Africa Relief Fund to join others to provide immediate humanitarian response. Our board has released $10,000 (USD) and we are now asking our supporters, friends, partners, network, and newcomers to join us to take action.

Due to the region's worst drought in 60 years, a severe crisis has developed. On Wednesday, July 20, 2011, the United Nations officially declared a famine in two regions of Somalia. The UN does not use the word “famine” lightly, their use of word is meant to communicate the true severity of the crisis.

To make matters worse, the region hit hardest by the drought has very little in the way of a functioning central government and instead has been mostly under the control of Al-Shabbab, a terrorist organization that has exacerbated the political and economic insecurity throughout the entire region. Coupled with the insecurity and the drought are soaring food prices. In many cases the cost of wheat and corn is up 75% since the 1st of the year, as a result nearly a third of the population cannot meet basic food needs. 

The desperate desire for help has led to around 600,000 Somalis fleeing to the neighboring countries of Ethiopia and Kenya. However, food and water scarcity are issues in Ethiopia and Kenya as well. The refugee camps within these countries are quickly becoming dangerously overcrowded, which puts the lives of the refugees and citizens in jeopardy. 

Here are a few of the facts:

  • Over 11 million people are in need of emergency assistance 
  • Nearly 600,000 people from Somalia have been displaced and most are living in overcrowded refugee camps
  • 1 out every 3 children is malnourished
  • The malnourishment rate in some regions has reached a level 3 times higher than the global emergency threshold

How is ODW responding?

In order to meet the immediate needs of basic water, food, and sanitation, ODW has decided to partner with World Concern, an organization that has worked in both Somalia and Kenya for over 30 years. ODW is also currently researching and vetting other organizations for partnership. While immediate relief is the most pressing issue to save lives, World Concern is also working to promote long-term sustainability, especially in terms of access to clean water. This includes expanding existing wells, building new water sources like rainwater catchment systems and building better irrigation systems to help save crops from future droughts. 

ODW has personally committed $10,000 to start this fund, in hopes and belief that through our movement and network, we can reach and surpass the initial goal of $50,000. As always, 100% of your donations (minus credit card fees) will go directly to the relief efforts.

How You Can Help.

  • Calculate and donate your day's wage or another amount you feel compelled to give. ODW has committed $10K. Feel free to give $10, $100, or another amount.
  • Start your own personal birthday campaign in a few minutes and raise funds directly for this Horn of Africa Relief Fund!
  • Become a Partnering Group (Business, Nonprofit, School, Church, etc.) and start your own group campaign or share other ideas with us.
  • Help spread the word: Email, Tweet, Share on FB, Like, etc.