Emergency Relief for Refugee Families

World Relief
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Join us as we come alongside our partner World Relief to provide emergency relief for refugee families in the Middle East.

Why The Middle East?

We are witnessing more people being displaced than at any time in recorded history. Over 65.6 million people have been forced to flee their homes, communities, and the worlds they know. Nearly a third of these people are formally classified by the United Nations as refugees, more than half are under the age of 18.

The Middle East has been particularly strained by the crisis, as over 17 million displaced people have fled from their homelands to neighboring countries in the Middle East and North Africa.

By the time you’re done reading this page, 20 more people will have been forcibly displaced as a result of conflict or oppression. Join us in our efforts to show God’s love to protect and support those most affected by this humanitarian crisis.

ODW + World Relief

Our partner World Relief strategically places itself at the points where refugee families most need help. When families are forced to flee their homes, they work with local partners to provide essential supplies, nutrition and hygiene programs for mothers, safe spaces for children and psychosocial counseling for victims of violence.

Join us

You can help refugees in the Middle East access these urgently needed programs, providing hope and transformation for families. One Day’s Wages will match your gift to this campaign up to 100,000, for a total grant of $200,000.

Meet Assala

Assala and her family fled from Syria four years ago. “It was too dangerous to stay,” she told us, “it was hard to find any food and we were stepping over bodies in the streets.” Assala has six children, none of whom attended school in Syria. “Abdal children are beaten in school [there]” she explained, “I did not expect it to be any different in [our new country] so I did not send them.” The Abdal Syrians are some of the most vulnerable in refugee communities because they constitute an ethnic and religious minority. Sometimes scorned as “gypsies,” the Abdal are trapped in an ongoing cycle of segregation and poverty that World Relief aims to break.

Assala has a 7-year-old daughter named Hala. A 7-year-old who never attended school. A 7-year-old who was so traumatized that she never learned to use the toilet. A 7-year-old who needed assistance with getting acclimated to her new home. Neighbors persuaded Assala to send Hala to the local community center just down the street from their single room apartment. Unbeknownst to Assala, this community center was supported by World Relief. After only a few weeks, Assala can see the difference in her daughter. “She loves to play there with the other Abdal children,” she beams proudly, “and she is learning so much. She can use the toilet now and she is more respectful to me. She listens when I talk.”

Assala’s story is one of thousands. Community centers like the one Hala attends are often the only hope refugee children have to continue learning and secure a bright future. Every dollar donated to World Relief empowers churches and partner organizations in the Middle East to meet the needs of children like Hala and assist refugee families along their resettlement journey. Will you join us and give hope to a child like Hala?


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