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navigate the refugee crisis

Nearly 68.5 million people are forcibly displaced around the world, 25.4 million of whom are refugees. That is the highest level of displacement on record by the UN Refugee Agency. What does it take to cut through the noise around the refugee crisis? Do the numbers of people impacted have to continue climbing; do we need to wait for another tragic event? What if instead we begin by listening? Not to pundits trying to turn this issue into another dividing line, but to the refugees themselves: to the children, mothers, and fathers that courageously share their stories of loss, resilience, and hope.

We have a simple conviction here at One Day’s Wages: listening leads to empathy, and empathy leads to better humanitarian aid and engagement. This is the promise that we have made to our friends and partners who are in the midst of the ongoing refugee crisis: we won’t forget you. We are still listening.

World Refugee Day is June 20th. This year, whether on World Refugee Day or in the weeks surrounding it, we invite you to partner with us. Learn more below about ways to listen well and stay engaged in the global refugee crisis.

Join us this World Refugee Day

Host a Screening

Host a Screening of Are We Listening?, a 15-minute documentary following the lives of Syrian refugees. 

Start a Fundraiser

Fundraise for refugee relief as a church or small group! 100% of your funds raised (minus transaction fees) goes directly to projects providing relief, support, and empowerment for refugees around the world. 

Raise Awareness

Raise awareness about the refugee crisis and how your faith community can stay engaged. Connect with us today for additional resources to equip your church!

Watch the Trailer

Host a Screening

For your convenience, we have put together a package of materials for church and faith communities to engage the refugee crisis this World Refugee Day. This package includes:

  • The original file of Are We Listening? Syrian refugee mini-documentary and permission to host a public screening.
  • Are We Listening? Faith-Based Conversation Guide PDF: Are We Listening? can be an emotionally and theologically challenging film to watch. That’s why we have created this faith-based conversation guide as a companion piece for the stories you’ve just heard. We pray that this resource creates space to ask difficult questions, step into the shoes of our global neighbors, and mobilize Spirit-led action.
  • Additional 12 minute video interview of Rev. Eugene Cho on how churches can engage the refugee crisis: This short video, comprised of several practical, pastoral, and theological questions, will equip faith leaders in your churches, schools, or small groups and guide your community’s engagement around the global refugee crisis (you can watch the youtube version here). 
  • Media package of “Are We Listening?” film graphics and “Stand With Refugees” graphics.
  • Fundraising Tips PDF for starting a fundraiser for refugee relief.

Next Steps

If your church, school, or faith community is ready to host a screening, contact our Development Director Kenzie Bertram today to get access to the film screening package of materials. Rather than charge a screening fee, we ask that you consider making a contribution to support One Day’s Wages’ operations. This enables us to continue to produce valuable resources for our community partners. We ask that you give whatever you are able.

If your community would like to consider ordering “I Stand With Refugees” T-shirts, please mention to Kenzie that you are interested in pre-ordering shirts for a group.

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