Water and Women's Empowerment in Tanzania

Pastoral Women's Council

One Day’s Wages is partnering with Pastoral Women’s Council to drill two deep-water boreholes, providing clean and accessible water to 3,500 Maasai pastoralist women.

Why Tanzania?

One third of Tanzania is of arid to semi-arid climate, making it very difficult for people to access clean water for their daily use. Climatic variability over the past three years has worsened the situation, and the country has received less than average annual rainfall. According to the 2017 Tanzania Economic Update by the World Bank, Tanzania’s per capita water resources have declined to the extent that it has crossed the threshold into the water-stressed country category. The Ngorongoro district, where Pastoral Women’s Council works, was hit hard by ongoing drought. The situation is exacerbated by the vastness of the district, which is connected by a poor road network, inadequate access to social services, low incomes, and general poverty—especially amongst women who are excluded from controlling livestock, property, and land. Women often have to travel long distances, sometimes over 6 miles, in search of water.

ODW + Pastoral Women’s Council

One Day’s Wages is partnering with Pastoral Women’s Council to drill 2 boreholes for deep wells in the Ngorongoro district of Tanzania. These deep wells will provide a buffer against climate change, such as drought, and their centralized location will increase accessibility. Because the burden of water access falls more heavily on women, new water access points provides hope and empowerment for women. By providing clean and accessible water to the Maasai women living in the district, they no longer have to walk long distances and risk their safety to collect water for their households. The time that women used to spend fetching water can now be used to participate in the community and in Pastoral Women’s Council economic empowerment activities. Water is not only a source of life but also a source of empowerment for Maasai women.

Join us

Join us in empowering 3,500 Maasai women in Tanzania with clean, accessible water from deep wells. The progress bar above includes our intended match amount of $15,000 for a total granting goal of $30,000.

Meet Narikunkera

Narikunkera lives in the village of Ormanie with her husband and seven children. Nairkunkera and her community experienced a constant shortage of water as they relied solely on rainwater, natural dams, and springs which often dried up or had dirty water. This caused most of Nairkunkera’s livestock to die, which was her family’s only source of income.

In 2016, PWC drilled a deep water borehole that now serves Nairkunkera’s community. The presence of this water has been a blessing for people and livestock in their  community. “Our life has changed so much because we no longer have to walk a long distance in search of water. The water from the borehole is reliable and cleaner, and this has made our lives easier and has also prevented water borne diseases. Livestock deaths have reduced and herds have increased. Our children are healthier and don’t suffer from water borne diseases. Women are also now able to focus on other activities, things like running small businesses. I now run a small business selling sugar, rice, salt, and soap. This has improved the livelihood of my family.”

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