Vocational Training for Trafficked Women in Thailand

Home of New Beginnings

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One Day’s Wages is partnering with Home of New Beginnings to provide educational and vocational training for young women trafficked in Pattaya, Thailand.


Why Thailand?

The sex industry in Thailand catering to Western men began during the Vietnam War as the allied forces were given a week reprieve from war during each tour of duty. Pattaya, then a little fishing village on the Gulf of Thailand, became a favored place for soldiers to distract themselves from the war. When the war was over, the sex industry continued to thrive. Today there are 30,000 young women available for sale on any given night during low season and as many as 50,000 from November through March.

Poverty, gender inequality, corruption, domestic violence, lack of education, and a cultural expectation that daughters are the financial providers perpetuate the cycle of the sex industry. Currently there are 1,300 bars and hundreds more massage parlors and brothels in Pattaya serving customers from all over the world.  


ODW + Home of New Beginnings

One Day’s Wages is partnering with Home of New Beginnings to bring hope and healing to young women in Pattaya who have been trafficked or exploited. By remodeling and furnishing a multi-use room, Home of New Beginnings can offer two tracks toward a safe and sustainable future: vocational training and formal education. This new construction will be a space where residents can learn and practice vocational skills such as sewing and cosmetology. Home of New Beginnings also offers scholarships for formal education through university, and the room will allow space and computers to complete their homework as they work towards graduation.  Classes will be offered on conflict resolution, financial planning, and parenting as well as space for counseling and trauma recovery. It will also serve as an outreach gathering place for girls not yet able to leave the bars. Ultimately, this multi-use room will provide a place to create community and build relationships in safety.


Join us

Join us in empowering young women by providing space for training and education that will allow them to support themselves and their families as they build a safe and sustainable future.  The progress bar above includes our intended match amount of $12,180 for a total granting goal of $24,360.

Meet Tip

Tip was in her mid-twenties and lived in Northeastern Thailand.  Despite very little education it was her responsibility to support her family.  Her rented rice field had not produced enough rice to sell in order to afford the plants for the next season. Tip left the village and her family to find a job elsewhere.  After working in several factories and not earning enough to pay for school and medical bills, Tip made the decision to come to Pattaya where she had heard she could earn more.  “Every day I cry. Every day I say ‘I cannot do!’ And then one day I say, ‘You must do. Who else can do? It is only you, your mother, your two children, and your blind brother.'”  Months later, she heard about Home of New Beginnings. Through educational support she was able to complete her grade 12 certificate while simultaneously completing a cooking course which gave her employment in a hotel outside of Pattaya.  With your help, Home of New Beginnings can expand their training opportunities and more young women can find freedom through sustainable, safe employment.

*For safety and privacy purposes, the name and photo in this story have been changed.

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