Transform a Village in South Sudan

World Concern
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We invite you to join us and our partner World Concern to provide long-term holistic development for 700 residents of Ranguo Village in South Sudan. This partnership will empower families with clean water, food, education, and income earning opportunities.


Why South Sudan?

As the world’s youngest nation, South Sudan is currently facing one of the greatest humanitarian crises in decades. It’s economy is built around abundant natural resources and high agricultural potential, however civil conflict, a worsening drought, and skyrocketing inflation is creating an environment where mothers and fathers can no longer provide for themselves or their children.

For those living in rural Ranguo Village, life is especially difficult. Here, 700 families do not have access to clean water or enough food to eat. Mothers and children walk hours each day to collect water from a dirty pond that often makes them sick, and farmers produce barely enough food for their families to have one meal a day. Children regularly go hungry and become sick from malnourishment and water borne diseases, all of which cause high rates of child mortality.


ODW + World Concern

We’re coming alongside our trusted and long-standing partner World Concern, to invest in a three year plan to provide lasting health and stability for families in Ranguo Village.

Your donation will support people in Ranguo Village by addressing issues of water-borne disease, food production, education, and income earning opportunities in the community.

With your investment, our partner World Concern will work alongside the people of Ranguo to provide access to clean water, sanitation and hygiene training to prevent the spread of disease. Additionally, your partnership will address education by providing opportunities for children to learn and go to school, as well as literacy training for adults. Their team will work with the community to provide training, tools and materials for farmers to ensure sufficient food production in the community. In conjunction with this, savings groups and small business loans will provide income generating opportunities and increased income.

Join us as we partner to empower families in Ranguo Village with clean water, food, and opportunities for improved health and well-being. ODW will match every gift, up to 90K, for a total grant of $180,000.

Meet Mary

Mary lives in Ranguo village with her large family of nine. As a farmer and a midwife, Mary sees the issues that keep her community in the cycle of poverty. Although Mary knows that feeding her children foods like vegetables and eggs will keep them healthy, she is unable to produce enough to feed her family once a day. Her children are often sick and Mary has already lost four of her young children to preventable diseases such as malaria, malnourishment, and waterborne illnesses.

Mary has seen the challenges of poverty but she says, “I look forward to seeing the children in my community become healthy when they have clean water to drink and enough food to eat.” Mary and the rest of her community look forward to holistic development that improves their health, opportunities, and access to basic needs.

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