Reducing HIV in Tanzania

African Initiatives
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One Day’s Wages is partnering with African Initiatives to reduce HIV infection among primary school children in the Kilimanjaro region of northern Tanzania. This project will provide 540 children with free HIV testing, followed by counseling, therapy and treatment where appropriate.

Why Tanzania?

Tanzania’s main challenge for human development is the epidemic of HIV and AIDS. Over 1 million people have been infected making it ranked 4th in the world for deaths related to HIV and AIDS.

In the poor, rural region of Kilimanjaro, children are sexually active at a young age and suffer exploitation and abuse, increasing their risk of contracting the virus. Taboos and misinformation result in many children being unaware that they have the disease or unaware of how to protect themselves.

ODW + African Initiatives

Our new partner African Initiatives has worked to do HIV and AIDS interventions in Tanzania since 2010. They have developed projects that seek to intervene and educate in schools and health clubs to reduce the transmission of HIV.

The project will not only test and treat primary school children, but increase the knowledge of HIV prevention amongst teachers, parents and the wider community. African Initiatives will do this by gaining the support of local governments, establishing information centers and providing workshops for teachers and community leaders.

Providing quality education and support with sexual health is a key factor to decreasing HIV and AIDS, as well as maintaining people’s understanding of their rights over their own bodies. Lower rates of HIV infection will allow these communities to grow stronger and healthier.

Join us as we partner to reduce HIV transmission among children in Tanzania. Your gift to this campaign will be matched by One Day’s Wages.

Meet Glory

“One day while I was walking, I stumbled and fell into a water furrow. I was bleeding profusely. My friend wanted to wash my wounds but a young man who was walking towards us, warned my friend not to touch my blood with bare hands. He insisted that my friend could contract HIV if he touched my blood. I felt confused and sad as I was in need of help. But this was before I attended peer educators’ trainings on HIV and AIDS. Now that I have attended the training workshops, I understand why not to touch blood. I am now a peer educator thanks to African Initiatives’ training. I am proud of my role teaching my fellow students about HIV and AIDS so that they know the truth about how it can be contracted.”


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