Empowering Women to be Solar Energy Entrepreneurs

Solar Sister
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We’re coming alongside our new partner, Solar Sister, to train women in Tanzania to be Solar Energy Entrepreneurs. This project will train up to 60 women who will start their own businesses selling solar lights and clean cooking stoves. Their businesses will provide energy access to thousands in their remote communities.

Why Tanzania?

More than 600 million people in Africa live without electricity and over 700 million depend on fuels like charcoal and firewood for cooking.

For Africans living in rural areas, electricity is even less likely. Just 7% of people in rural Tanzania have access to power, and regular power cuts mean even those with grid access are often left in the dark. Cooking smoke also causes millions of deaths per year and is the single leading cause of death for women and children under five in the developing world.


ODW + Solar Sister

We’re teaming up with Solar Sister in Tanzania to tackle energy poverty by building and supporting a sisterhood of clean energy entrepreneurs – a network of women in Tanzania who are reaching the most remote areas with affordable solar lamps, mobile phone chargers, and fuel-efficient stoves.

This project will help local women earn income by kickstarting clean-energy businesses. It will provide training, support, marketing materials and a proven business model to entrepreneurs. And by tapping into existing social networks, this will build strong communities of women selling clean energy where it’s needed most.

Through Solar Sister’s program in Tanzania, over 1,000 women entrepreneurs have already delivered clean energy access to 540,000 people. And the impact of this clean energy goes well beyond light. Solar and clean cooking technology transforms households, improving education, health, free time, and finances. It transforms women’s experience in particular, often resulting in women having more control over resources and time.


Join us as we partner to train and support women entrepreneurs in Tanzania, as they provide solar energy solutions to their rural communities! One Day’s Wages will match your gift to this campaign up to $15,000, for a total matching grant of $30,000.

Meet Fatma

Before Fatma had a portable solar lantern, she and her husband were getting up throughout the night to check on their cows. Despite the thorny brush that serves as a fence, hyenas were getting in and killing the cows. They discovered that when they hung a lamp up on the tree near the cows the hyenas stayed away. This has been a great solution and they no longer have to get up several times through the night.

Fatma Mziray is a Solar Sister entrepreneur who sells both clean cookstoves and solar lanterns. Fatma heard about the cookstoves from a Solar Sister development associate and decided to try one out. The smoke from cooking on her traditional wood stove using firewood was causing her to have a lot of heath problems. Some days she felt so bad she couldn’t go in to cook. “Cooking for a family, preparing breakfast, lunch and dinner I used to gather a large load of wood every day to use.” She said. “Now with the new cook stove the same load of wood can last up to three weeks of cooking. With the extra time I can develop my business. I also have more time for family.”


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