Scholarship Program in Vietnam


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We’re partnering with PeaceTrees Vietnam to create safe and successful futures for children endangered by the legacy of the Vietnam War.

Why Vietnam?

PeaceTrees works in Quang Tri Province in central Vietnam, which is the most war-impacted province in the country and has a high population of people living below the poverty line. Although they have worked diligently to remove explosives from Quang Tri since 1995, there is still a lot to be done. Unexploded weapons are still buried beneath more than 80 percent of the land in Quang Tri Province. Since the war ended, it is estimated that over 40,000 Vietnamese children and adults have been killed by the dangerous ordnance left behind. In partnership with local communities in Vietnam, PeaceTrees works to remove explosives and return land to productive use, build schools and libraries to educate future generations, and advance economic development to ensure a prosperous tomorrow.

ODW + PeaceTrees

Our partnership is providing scholarships to 400 students in Vietnam. Beyond clearing land of bombs and mines, one of the highest-impact programs PeaceTrees offers is educational scholarships. When a child or family member is injured in a mine accident, it is extremely difficult for families to recover economically and afford schooling. Our partnership is helping children remain in school by providing scholarships that cover full tuition, uniforms, books, meals, and additional administrative fees that families would otherwise be unable to pay. Access to education is a proven poverty reduction measure as it allows children to go to school, learn important skills, and develop more economic security for their futures.

Join us as we provide more scholarships to children impacted by the Vietnam War. Every $50 gift will fund another primary school student to attend school for one year.

Meet Le Van Hong

Le Van Hong is a landmine survivor who lost his left hand in a mine accident when he was 12 years old. One day while watching a group of people reclaiming land in front of his house, he found a strange metal object covered in soil. He did not know what it was so he brought it to his garden and tried to dissect it with a hammer. The object blew up and Hong was taken to Quang Tri hospital where he received treatment for one and a half months. He lost his left hand and sustained many injuries and burns.

After recovering from the accident, he returned to school, but struggled to participate in the activities and studies he used to enjoy. He slowly began to re-engage, thanks to encouragement from his teachers and classmates. PeaceTrees has provided support for Hong for many years, and he recently finished his 4th year at Hue University in painting where he excelled in his studies. He says now he almost forgets the loss of his hand. Eventually Hong hopes to be a freelance painter so he can draw anything he wants and share his artwork with more people. He spent this past summer volunteering, painting, and decorating local kindergartens including PeaceTrees’ Sunflower Kindergarten. Hong writes, “This is the second time I have done this kind of volunteer work. I feel so happy that I can use my talent to help others.”

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