Providing Clean Water in Nicaragua

El Porvenir
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We are partnering with El Porvenir to bring sustainable clean water and improved sanitation to the community of Guacimos Salale in Nicaragua. This project will bring universal water and sanitation coverage to all 151 residents.

Through the construction of a piped water system, 36 double-pit latrines and ongoing hygiene/health education, the standard of living for this rural community will be greatly improved. Women will have time to do more than retrieve water. Children will have time to go to school. All will be healthier.

El Porvenir uses an integrated approach of water, sanitation, and hygiene education to reduce water and sanitation related illnesses. Only with clean water, improved sanitation, and healthy habits can individuals become educated and improve their standard of living.

Why Nicaragua?

Nicaragua is the Land of Lakes and Volcanos, but people across the country have nowhere to get water. The prolonged dry season leaves people digging holes alongside dried up streams in hopes of finding water. They then take the muddy water home, wait for the mud to settle to the bottom, and drink the murky, dirty water that will later make them sick.

In a country where 31% of rural people have no safe drinking water and only 37% have access to sanitation facilities, El Porvenir’s water, sanitation, and hygiene education programs are a critical way to improve the living standards of the rural poor.

Join Us!

Join us as we partner to provide clean water and improved sanitation in Nicaragua.

Meet Arcadia

Arcadia lives in the community of Apatu. For 75 years, Arcadia traveled several miles from her home to retrieve water and defecated in the open air because there was no access to clean water or improved sanitation in her community. Working together, community members and El Porvenir implemented an electric pump potable water project and a double pit latrine for every household. Now, 365 residents have clean water and improved sanitation. Arcadia says her dreams have come true.

Join us in our partnership with El Porvenir to help people like Arcadia gain access to clean water and improved sanitation in the community of Guacimos Salale in Nicaragua.


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