Project #251: Integrating Women’s Economic Empowerment and Mental Health

Our Partnership with Restore Hope Liberia

During Liberia’s civil war (1989-1997), Kolahun District suffered some of the heaviest fighting, destruction, and mass accounts of sexual assault.  As a result, an estimated 40% of women continue to struggle with major depression and other mental health challenges.  These women – many of whom live in extreme poverty and are the effective heads of household for their families – face the dual challenges of healing from trauma while providing their families.  However, according to the World Health Organization, fewer than 1% of Liberians have access to needed mental health services.

One Day’s Wages partnered with Restore Hope to bring hope and healing to Liberian women who have endured significant trauma.  Restore Hope’s unique and integrated response to training facilitators who provide Interpersonal Group Therapy ensured that as many women as possible have the psychosocial services they need.  Women also had the opportunity to join a weaving cooperative for income generation.  Last year the cooperative became legally registered so that it can continue sustaining operations independently.  This integrated approach provided a sustainable and scalable program for ongoing mental health support while advancing women’s economic and social empowerment.  Through our partnership, 626 women completed 12 weeks of intensive group therapy, a majority of whom were clinically assessed to have significantly reduced levels of depression and anxiety!

Our Collective Impact

Women Generating Income Through the Weaving Cooperative

Women Who Completed 12 Weeks of Group Therapy

Newly Trained Group Therapy Facilitators

Meet Mbowelee

Mbowelee was once a participant in Restore Hope Liberia’s group therapy program. Upon successfully completing group therapy, she became trained to facilitate groups herself. She is now a valued group therapy facilitator for RHL. She shares:

“I am a facilitator from RH. We have been having sessions with our patients. From the starting it can’t really be easy but before we go through the 12 weeks. We continue to motivate them to interact with their colleagues. Everyone explain their individual problem and what is the way forward and continue to support one another. We set ourselves as an example.


As I said, before I was a patient and based on my example and my experience, the members can be convinced and support one another and be healed from their depression and they are able to do things for themselves, for their children and living happily. Though it is difficult but if they see me as a woman I express my story to them, from there they can be convinced, they will learn from me and from the others and gradually they can be able to recover.”

Thank you for making this possible!

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