Project #244 | Rapid Response to Prevent the Online Exploitation of Girls in Cambodia

Our partnership with Auscam Freedom Project

As COVID-19 spread through Cambodia, all learning was transitioned online and more children were spending time on the internet without adequate protective measures in place. Online sexual exploitation began to rise and is now believed to be the most pervasive form of exploitation in Cambodia, as predators are using apps, games and other platforms to groom, lure and exploit children, especially girls. Often girls are unable to recognize that they are in an unsafe relationship with someone who will later exploit them, so reporting of grooming and other forms of exploitation is extremely low. This leaves millions of girls with a future that depends on their ability to resist potential trafficking.

One Day’s Wages partnered with AusCam Freedom Project to build a protective environment for adolescent girls in Cambodia and their resistance to sexual exploitation online. In order for girls to build a resistance to abuse, they launched an interactive online platform so they can better understand their risks online and actively protect themselves. This is a protective community where girls can learn how to measure how safe their online relationships are, share and ask questions from their peers, get live advice from a qualified social worker, then access the support they need in unsafe situations. Girls also received access to our Shine Centre, a girls’ education and leadership center that provides long-term counseling, educational support, training, and mentoring.

Our Collective Impact

Girls Receiving Educational Support

Girls Received Emergency Support Packages

Girls Receiving Psychological and Emotional Support

Meet Neath

Neath is 16-years-old and lives with her mom and stepsister. Her mom works at a garment factory and recently left her husband when he began threatening her kids. Her mom started working longer hours to make ends meet and pay for Neath’s education, but she quickly started borrowing money and accumulating debt and Neath was often left home alone raising her baby sister because no one else could. Neath’s mother called AusCam’s Freedom Line — the first-ever crisis helpline in Cambodia for adolescent girls. Neath received food supplies, phone data, school materials, and other basic items. Because AusCam believes that building a protective environment is more than providing for material needs, their social workers collaborated with local authorities and developed a safety plan for the family. When Neath’s stepfather found out the family’s location, AusCam was able to quickly relocate them.

Neath is now no longer home alone and is thriving in school. She is at the top of her class, has many healthy friendships, and is excited to start high school. We are committed to Neath’s safety and success, knowing she and hundreds of other girls will use their opportunities, choices, and freedom to do remarkable things.

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