Project #241 Bridging the Educational Gap for Vulnerable Students in Tanzania

Our partnership with Asante Africa

In Tanzania, primary school is free and the enrollment rates are high. However, when students transition to secondary education, they encounter numerous obstacles. Rural families traverse economic insecurities, overcome language barriers, and deal with harmful cultural practices. In 2019, rural regions such as Tanga, Kilimanjaro, and Arusha reported only 29% of rural girls successfully transitioned from primary to secondary education. With increased financial hardships, girls are removed from school to either help with household work or to be married off to alleviate the family’s financial burden. A particular problem that students in Tanzania face is the shift in the medium of instruction from Kiswahili to English. Transitioning from the vernacular language to English abruptly leads many students to fall behind in their learning because they cannot understand their teachers. In a community where basic needs are considered a luxury, parents do not have the means to help their children learn English before their secondary education. Asante Africa Foundation is seeking to build additional support for these transitioning rural Tanzanian students so that they have access to the same educational opportunities as their urban and affluent counterparts.

One Day’s Wages partnered with Asante Africa Foundation to bring to fruition the Bridging the Educational Gap program. This program ensured that Tanzanian students graduating from primary school successfully transition to secondary school and were equipped with the support they need to thrive in the classroom. This program provided 120 students with financial support, equip them with “Get Started Packages”, and provided supplementary training in expected core academic competencies. Each participating student received a package that included 2 uniforms, shoes, underwear, and basic learning materials such as paper, textbooks, and pencils. The students also received a one-year supply of hygiene products such as soap, shampoo, sanitary pads, and toothpaste. This package eliminated some of the financial barriers for their families.


Our Collective Impact

Educators Trained

Female Students Supported

Get Started Packages Distributed

Meet Hadija From The Lushoto District

Hadija is a primary school student who has been part of Asante Africa Foundation’s Wezesha Vijana program. Having gone through the curriculum, which fosters health, economic, and social assets for adolescent girls so that they make healthier personal choices. During the pandemic, Hadija recognized her family’s need for income. Using her knowledge from her after-school program and support from her family, she started a farming enterprise that not only yielded produce for her family but also for selling at the market. With her income, Hadija was able to supplement her family’s income, while keeping herself in school and continuing her education. Asante Africa Foundation’s curriculum and after-school clubs gave Hadija the confidence and the knowledge to traverse the difficult pandemic closures.

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