Project #238 | Aftercare, Relief, and Support for Survivors and their Families during COVID-19

Our partnership with Willow International

2020 brought lengthy government COVID lockdowns in Uganda, leaving many of the trafficking survivors in Willow’s care not only even more economically vulnerable but also at heightened risk of contracting COVID-19 due to their already poor health status and compromised immune systems. The risks of re-victimization, exploitation, contracting COVID-19, and starvation are immediate. Willow’s programs ensure that survivors and graduates of our programs are safe, have reliable food and shelter, are not at risk of physical harm, and are following protocols to avoid COVID-19 infection and stop the spread of the virus. Since early 2020, Willow has continually adapted its comprehensive response to COVID-19, which directly responds to the pandemic, helps reduce the spread of the virus, and provides consistent resources and support to this highly vulnerable beneficiary population including in-kind and cash programming for emergency needs.

One Day’s Wages partnered with Willow International to provide aftercare services, rehabilitative care, relief supplies, and economic support for trafficking survivors and their dependents. One Day’s Wages has been a central partner in Willow’s work since 2019. Generous support from One Day’s Wages has been instrumental in Willow’s success to halt the cycle of human trafficking in Uganda. Willow has impacted over 60,500 lives since its inception, through rescue, education and prevention activities. Willow has directly facilitated the rescue, rehabilitation, and restoration of over 878 women and girls who were targeted and victimized by the relentless trafficking systems that mercilessly exploit them. This includes 444 survivors of trafficking brought through our programs since the beginning of 2020, thanks to the commitment of One Day’s Wages.

Our Collective Impact

People Receiving Trauma-Informed Care Plan

People Receiving Relief Supplies

People Receiving Vocation Training

Meet Birungi

While she worked at her mini supermarket in Bunamwaya, Birungi’s (name changed) neighbor kept on sharing with her a number of ideas to go abroad and get a better paying job through which she would raise more money to expand their mini supermarket.  As time went on, Birungi finally agreed with the idea and shared it with her husband. Both agreed that she would go to India where she was promised work in a supermarket to earn a monthly salary of about 3 million Uganda shillings (UGX). She and her husband used 3.5 million UGX of their savings that was used to pay for a visa and an air ticket.   

 On arrival to India, Birungi’s expectations and dreams were shattered when she was taken to a strange room in an apartment where she found a number of one-inch mattresses on the floor. For the next month, she along with several other women were sexually exploited by clients of the man who was holding them. Eventually, one woman was able to escape and find the police. Their repatriation to their countries of origin was arranged; Willow facilitated Birungi’s return to Uganda and she was reunited with her children. Her husband had passed away under the stress of his wife’s situation leaving their children with no parents until Birungi’s return. While under Willow’s program, Birungi has been able to access medication, intensive psychosocial support, and financial support. She is receiving capital from Willow which she plans to inject into her boutique for expansion.  

“Through Willow, I have gotten a second chance to live,” says Birungi. 

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