Project #231 | Safe House for Survivors of Exploitation in Laos

Our partnership with PJI

In 2020, the latest Trafficking in Persons (TIP Report) released by the U.S. Government ranked Laos on the same tier as Thailand (Tier 2) regarding human trafficking. In 2019, it was estimated that there were about 64,000 primary-school aged children across the country who were not in school, many of whom were living in remote areas that did not have school or were from poor families who are excluded from education. Trafficking into the sex trade or forced labor is a serious risk for children and youth experiencing poverty–especially for those living in rural, agricultural-based villages who experience financial hardship and who do not complete their education. For rural youth who complete primary school, the likelihood that they continue to secondary education is very low (59.5% completion in rural regions vs. 84.3% completion in urban areas). 

One Day’s Wages partnered with PJI to implement a Safe-House Facility in South-East Asia focused on providing sustainable, effective support and educational opportunities to survivors of exploitation. Each child received a full educational scholarship and a consistent family-based network of support which allowed them to thrive. 

Our Collective Impact

Beneficiaries Receiving Scholarships for High School Education Costs

Beneficiaries Receiving Scholarships for Vocational/Technical Education

Safehouses Supported

Meet Sami

Sami entered our Project Justice program as a 14-year-old girl. She is a current beneficiary of the SafeHouse facility and shares part of her journey here. Our Project Justice Investigation team collaborated with local authorities to rescue her out of a dirty brothel on the side of a Highway in SE Asia.  Sami was just a small girl and had experienced things no child should ever be subjected to. Project Justice committed to providing long-term, sustainable support that would empower her restoration journey. Sami recently graduated Grade 12 and wanted to share part of her education journey with you. “I recently graduated Grade 12 level of schooling, and I completed two examinations at university to be eligible for two different degrees. I took the examinations for a Business Administration degree and Rural Development degree. After passing both exams, I had a choice to make about which degree I would study. I am so grateful that Project Justice rescued me and helped me get an education to this day ”

 (Name changed according to Child Protection Policy) 

Thank you for making this possible!

Our movement is grassroots, to us that not only means the work on the ground is led by local leaders with the support of the community, but it also means that we raise the funds for our projects through everyday donors just like you. In addition to all the donors that gave $25, $100, or $250 and the campaigners that ran a race or donated their birthday to raise funds, we also want to thank our generous business, school, and faith sponsors who believed in our work and joined the movement.

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