Project #224 | Educate to Employ: Computer Labs in Uganda

Our partnership with Cherish Uganda

Cherish has been serving the Bulega Village and surrounding villages in Entebbe, Uganda since 2006 as these fishing communities, which bring in a lot of fishing tourism, are known for their higher rates of poverty, prostitution, and HIV patients. With Cherish’s partner, Impact Works, a student or young adult in the computer lab program could make up to $3 per hour once their coding work is hired out, which is two to three times more than an average individual in the community. Most Ugandan students in the public school system do not have the opportunity to learn computer programming or basic computer skills. Cherish hopes to teach computer skills to help students differentiate themselves in the workforce, especially when they’re already fighting obstacles such as poverty, high competition, and potential workplace discrimination against those who are HIV-positive.

One Day’s Wages partnered with Cherish Uganda to support the Computer Lab component of the Educate to Employ Project. After years of experience, Cherish saw that teaching Uganda’s standardized testing was not always enough in helping set a child up for success. Cherish wants to teach practical skills to empower students and adults for employment after education. Many in Cherish’s community want an education, but they still cannot secure a job after school to help their families break the cycle of generational vulnerability and poverty. In response, Cherish Uganda launched the Educate to Employ project, a push toward practical, applicable, and vocational learning for students at Cherish Schools and adults in the community. The Educate to Employ project focuses on rising markets in Uganda and areas of need. The intention is to help students and adults find employment and make a liveable wage. To achieve this goal, Cherish helps students develop skills by getting hands-on experience when learning and working with program partners.

Our Collective Impact

Total Secondary Level Students Enrolled in the Program

Total Students Receiving Computer Skills Training

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Meet Grace

Grace became HIV-positive in infancy and lost her parents at a young age to health complications associated with their HIV status. Grace now lives with her older brothers after years of living at Cherish Uganda’s boarding school. Over the years, Grace has grown from a playful, sweet girl to a strong young woman. Due to the pandemic, schools were shut down in Uganda in 2020, so it was an especially tough year for Grace who had to live at home. After a year of struggle and patience, Grace is excited to return back to Cherish. This time, however, she’ll be in a unique program instead of entering the grade level Senior Five. Grace is entering the computer program to learn unique skills to set her aside from others when she enters Ugandan’s competitive workforce. “I had been hearing about coding on television and I didn’t know what it was. Now I have a big opportunity.” Grace is looking forward to learning to code and being in a safe space for taking care of her health. Grace knows social media is gaining popularity in Uganda and she looks forward to learning more about the business behind it, “With IT and social media trending, I have been wondering how those things work. Being given that knowledge, God willing, I will earn money…I am so thankful I was chosen for the program and this big opportunity.” 

*The name in this story was changed to respect Grace’s identity.

Thank you for making this possible!

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