Project #220 | Sustainable Livelihoods for Women in Liberia

Our Partnership with Camp for Peace Liberia

Despite local and international partners’ efforts to provide equal space to women and men in exploring social, political, and economic opportunities, women in Liberia still face discrimination and marginalization in many ways.  The lack of skills training opportunities and restricted mobility has prevented women from improving their livelihoods and accessing strategic employment opportunities.  The exclusion of women and girls from economic opportunities perpetuates poverty and human rights abuses. As a result, they remain vulnerable to harmful practices such as restricted access to education, arranged marriages, female genital mutilation (FGM), domestic violence, and sexual exploitation. These factors play a decisive role in preventing women and girls from fully participating in their communities social and economic lives. Preventing these drivers is a crucial component of this project and an essential determinant in ensuring gender balance in Liberia.  Since 2015, Camp for Peace began providing vocational training opportunities to rural young women to mitigate the gender gaps that most affect them.  As a result of the training, 150 rural women in a group of 500 have acquired knowledge and skills in agribusiness entrepreneurship, which is crucial in improving rural women’s income opportunities and livelihoods.

One Day’s Wages partnered with Camp for Peace Liberia to create job opportunities for women who have graduated from Camp for Peace Liberia’s vocational school. The project purchased cassava processing equipment and essential materials to construct a processing facility and then established a women-owned cooperative, which operates and maintains the facility. Since completion, women in the cooperative can sustain themselves and their families through the sales of cassava-based products. This project provided decent work, sustainable livelihood, and economic participation for rural women, therefore reducing poverty and social exclusion.


Our Collective Impact

Mini Processing Facilities Constructed

Rural Women With Increased Income Opportunities

Family Members Impacted

Meet Nancy

I was 8 years old when the Liberian civil war broke up in 1989. After several years of formidable battle between the rebel and government forces, I lost my parents in the war. I later fled to exile in Guinea in 1995. After the first war, I returned to Liberia in 1997, hoping that the civil war was over. Unfortunately, turbulent time and struggle set in as the war continued. I underwent multiple losses, including sexual assault, intimidation, marginalization, and forced marriage at the age of thirteen. I lost all childhood privileges with no opportunity to go to school or acquire skills to sustain myself. Through a friend, I learned about the Camp for Peace rehabilitation and vocational program. I enrolled without knowing how far and how much I would acquire from this training program. After a year, I graduated with a certificate in agribusiness enterprise and marketing. Today I am a proud mother of two children. I understand the basic fundamentals of agriculture and how to plant and harvest my own food. I am thankful to Camp for Peace Liberia and partners for providing me with this opportunity.


Thank you for making this possible!

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