Project #127 | Relief for Women and Children in the Middle East

Our partnership with World Vision

When we launched our partnership with World Vision, it had been 7 years since the start of the Syrian war. The war has impacted over 13.1 million people in Syria, with more than 5 million fleeing the country as refugees. The majority of these refugees are women and children, seeking refuge from the continued violence.

We partnered with World Vision to support their work in the Syria Refugee Response. World Vision’s team provided refugee families in Lebanon, Jordan, and Iraq with emergency supplies and longer-term support in education and child protection. Blankets, food, and water for the week were distributed amongst refugee families for immediate relief. Additionally, survival packs were given out, containing cash cards for food, water, rent assistance, and health care for the month. Children were also given Child Development Kits and Promise Packs, which provided them with games, puzzles, a backpack with school supplies, a toothbrush, and a note of encouragement. To ensure long-term sustainability of this relief project, World Vision is working with teachers, parents, communities, and governments to strengthen education systems and give children hope through opportunities to receive an education. 


Our collective impact

People Provided with Food

People Provided with Blankets

People Impacted

Meet Wafao

Wafao fled from Syria five years ago, leaving behind the house she owned. When she first got to Lebanon, she was working in the fields for 6-8 hours a day. She’s now part of an economic development project where she’s being trained as a seamstress. She proudly made the red dress she’s wearing in this photo, and is one of the best students in her program. She hopes for peace so that she can return to Syria, rebuild her home, and find work as a seamstress in her country. 

Thank you for making this possible!

Our movement is grassroots, to us that not only means the work on the ground is led by local leaders with the support of the community, but it also means that we raise the funds for our projects through everyday donors just like you. In addition to all the donors that gave $25, $100, or $250 and the campaigners that ran a race or donated their birthday to raise funds, we also want to thank our generous business, school, and faith sponsors who believed in our work and joined the movement.

If you want to support future projects like this you can make a donation to our refugee relief fund.

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