Project #78 | Farming Training in Vietnam

Our partnership with PeaceTrees Vietnam

Tân Lập Commune is a rural area located in the Huong Hoa District of Quang Tri Province near the Lao border. The area was heavily bombarded during the U.S./Vietnam War; therefore explosive remnants of war remain a constant threat to the lives and livelihoods of the people living in this region.

Our partnership with PeaceTrees enabled farmers to grow and sell high quality peppers to directly benefit 30 families in Vietnam. When this project began, PeaceTrees had already removed the unexploded ordnance from much of the arable land in the Tan Lap Commune. The farmers then received training and technical assistance on how to efficiently grow black pepper, along with micro-loans to start production. Each family grew pepper vines on approximately 500 square meters of land. It is estimated that after the first sale of their first harvest, the families’ annual income will increase by $1,000 US dollars. This project also worked with the United States Department of State to clear any battle areas that may have a large number of explosive remnants of war. This ensures that not only do the pepper farmers have land that is able to be returned to productive use, but that their families and the surrounding community is safer as well. In addition to the increased safety of the community, farmers have received on-going support from technical advisors and the Quang Tri Women’s Union. This fosters a sense of community between the farmers and the government. The check-ins also provide a chance to positively reinforce skills taught during the trainings and to provide any assistance needed by farmers.

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Meet Ho Van Van

Ho Van Van, age 26, is a Van Kieu ethnic minority farmer living at Tram village, Huong Tan commune, Huong Hoa district – a mountainous area in the west of Quang Tri province, Vietnam. He is the bread-winner of a poor family of 9, including his wife and two sons, his mother and a younger sister, and two younger brothers and their wives. Providing for nine people is hard and even more difficult when already living in poverty. In 2015, thanks to the funds from PeaceTrees Vietnam, under the Black Pepper Project, they were given seedlings, materials, and training to plant a new farm with 50 pepper roots. His wife, Ho Thi Duc, age 21, is a young and hard-working woman who always tends to the farm, cleans the ground, and shadows and ties the pepper trees. During drier days, both Ho Thi Duc and Ho Van Van bring water up from the rice paddies in order to water the pepper. Their farm is one of the most effective of the project, and the couple expressed they really like the project. The Women’s Union of the commune and the local technical officers are very helpful to support them when needed. She hopes that the peppers can grow well and give them stable income in the future.

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