Iris’ Story

Ever since she was younger, Iris has always been a girl with a dream. Growing up, people always told her she was too young to start a business, too small to be strong, too dumb to be smart, and too sheltered to make a difference in the world. But one thing’s for sure: Iris never let go of her dreams. Having courage, faith, and an undeniable passion with a purpose has always led her to a goal — no matter how far it seemed in the beginning. Because of that, all those dreams Iris had that once seemed so far from reach, were no longer dreams any more. They became her reality.

But during her last semester of college, she fell into the lowest point of her life when she found out that her mom was diagnosed with cancer. All those dreams she worked so hard to achieve had no comparison to her mother’s love. And to lose that, was to lose herself. The little girl who she taught to believe in her dreams, who she supported when she felt at her lowest, who she encouraged when no one else believed, and who she guided when she was lost… had lost herself. As selfish as it may seem, while Iris’ mom was suffering from cancer itself, she was suffering from losing herself. But throughout the sufferings, it was actually her mom who instilled in her the same principles of faith, courage, and purpose — of fighting for her life, that empowered Iris to keep going forward and continue chasing for her own. Iris came to realize that no matter what happens in your life, no matter how difficult it may be at times… if you stay courageous, have faith in what you believe in, and act with purpose, nothing can ever stop you on your flight as the pilot of your life.

Today, Iris is on a flight — one where she empowers others to become the pilot of their own.


ODW & Iris Rose

Pilot by Iris Rose & Co. is built on the principles of faith, courage, and purpose. It’s a movement to empower the world to fight through the turbulence and fly in their dreams. To stop being the passenger of our lives — to stop dwelling, fearing, and waiting for what is to come. To be in charge and become the pilot. Because life is like a flight. It’s short and it’s delicate. Everyone, at some point, goes through times of turbulence. But no matter what life throws at you, if you steer yourself back into the right direction and enjoy the view, you’ll be in control of your flight by soaring as the pilot of your life.


Join Us

Iris started a necklace tag that represents becoming the pilot of your life (

On the front of your tag is the Pilot logo that represents what it means to be a pilot of your flight. On the back is your First Initial, hand-stamped to represent your personal commitment as the pilot of your life. For every 1 necklace you purchase, $1 will be donated to the Girls Empowerment Fund. I believe that education is the key for girls living in poverty to have the opportunity to pursue their dreams. That’s why I am committed to donating to the Girls Empowerment Fund so that they get the resources that will empower them to do so.

Buy a Pilot tag necklace and join her movement in empowering the world to become the pilot of their lives here:

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