Interactive Technology Based Learning in Zambia

Impact Network

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One Day’s Wages is partnering with Impact Network to provide eLearning tablets, school supply kits, teacher salaries, and coaching for three new classrooms (Grades 5-7) in rural Zambia.


Why Upper Primary Education?

One Day’s Wages is partnering with Impact Network to provide much-needed support for upper primary students (grades 5-7) in the Eastern Province of Zambia. Impact Network has been serving upper primary students over the last three years, but needs to add more classes to meet the community’s increasing demand. Quality education in Grades 5-7 is especially critical to prepare students for secondary school. Nationwide, 38% of Zambian students fail to move on to secondary school after completing the seventh grade. In contrast, over 90% of Impact Network students successfully transition to secondary school, a crucial milestone that will prepare students to earn higher wages as adults. Quality education provides a route out of poverty, which is much needed in Eastern Province, where over half of households live in extreme poverty, making less than 50 cents a day. Almost half of all Zambians are under age 14 so preparing children to succeed is a substantive way to build a more equitable future for Zambia.


ODW + Impact Network

Our partnership with Impact Network will provide eLearning tablets for students and teachers, school materials, teacher salaries and training necessary to serve over 500 upper primary students with the eSchool 360 program, a holistic education model. The eSchool 360 provides locally-hired teachers with a tablet and projector to deliver e­Learning lessons, using an interactive, “learning-­by-­doing” curriculum that moves away from rote learning. Teachers are also provided weekly coaching and professional development, focused on helping them use the technology and enhance their pedagogical skills. In an independent study, researchers from American University concluded that Impact Network schools improve the numeracy and literacy skills of students and cost less than 1/3 of government schools. The eSchool 360 costs less than $5 a month per student, which is funded by donors and provided to families at no cost.


Join Us

Join us in empowering students in rural Zambia by providing support and resources needed for a quality education. The progress bar above includes our intended match amount of $15,739 for a total granting goal of $31,478.

Meet Luciano

“It felt great to start school because I knew that now I could move away from ignorance toward education.”

Luciano comes from a family of six and started school at 14 years old after convincing his parents about the importance of education. Because of household financial challenges, Luciano constantly has to prove the value of his education. He has already put to use techniques taught in school , such as sewing and farming.

But what Luciano really wants to demonstrate to everyone is the value of choosing education over farming in order to become a doctor. Science is Luciano’s favorite subject and he believes the tablet lessons delivered by Impact Network help him comprehend subjects and learn with ease.

He hopes his education will one day help “move my family out of their state of poverty to live a happy and comfortable life.”

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