Improving Sanitation in Sierra Leone

OneVillage Partners

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We are coming alongside OneVillage Partners to empower 2,721 people with improved sanitation in the communities of Makka and Madina, Sierra Leone. This project will construct 68 toilet facilities, handwashing stations, and implement a sanitation education program to improve the health of these communities.

Why Sierra Leone?

Sierra Leone was already one of the world’s poorest countries before the civil war of the 1990s, which further decimated it’s already limited infrastructure and skilled labor force.

Today the majority of Sierra Leoneans are rural farmers, living on less than a dollar a day and lacking access to education, health care, and sanitation. When there isn’t access to improved sanitation, like toilets and handwashing stations, water and food become easily contaminated. This contributes to community-wide illnesses and increased mortality rates. Children are particularly at risk in Sierra Leone, as preventable diseases are associated with 18% of deaths in children under five.

Following the Ebola virus outbreak of 2014, communities have a heightened understanding of the importance of sanitation to stop the spread of disease. Because of this, the communities of Makka and Madina voted to prioritize the construction of toilet facilities and locally-sourced handwashing stations.

ODW + OneVillage Partners

Over the past 12 years, OneVillage Partners has assisted 23,000 people to improve their quality of life by building capacity through their own hard work and ingenuity. OneVillage Partners understands the challenges in enabling sustained behavior change and sustainability. Their model embraces the voices of those who are traditionally marginalized, ensuring that youth, women, children, and everyone in between are heard.

The construction of 68 toilet facilities and locally-sourced handwashing stations will improve the health of these entire communities. This project is expected to benefit 2,721 people, and through partnership and collaboration with all parties, together we can provide 100 percent access to improved sanitation facilities in Makka and Madina.

Join us as we partner to improve sanitation in Sierra Leone. Your gift to this campaign will be matched by One Day’s Wages up to $15,000.

Meet Salaymatu

In Salaymatu’s community of Madina, there are just 25 toilets to be shared among the 1,689 people. Since the Ebola virus outbreak in Sierra Leone in 2014, improved sanitation is a priority, and the community designed a project to improve access to toilet facilities. Salaymatu is one of the women selected to be a part of the community volunteer team to lead her village in implementing their toilet facilities project. Although Salaymatu is illiterate, she proved to be an extraordinary leader, as she treats others with great respect and has a sound knowledge of community development. The construction of new toilet facilities will strengthen the resilience of this community and mitigate the spread of diseases, as 100% of the community will soon have access to toilet facilities. Salaymatu is playing a vital role in developing her community. She is improving the health of Madina by using her skills and OneVillage Partners’ training to mobilize community members and secure resources for the upcoming project.


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