Holistic Development in Rural Kenya

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We are so excited to launch our 100th project! We are partnering with Haller to provide 700 people in Mombassa, Kenya with access to clean water and improved sanitation. This project is part of a holistic community approach to address the root causes of poverty with the goal of long-term community development in rural Kenya.

Why Kenya?

Communities in rural Kenya often live on arid, unproductive land with poor access to water for farming, sanitation and drinking. Our partner Haller works within these communities to improve the extremely harsh conditions that they face through various programs.

Water and sanitation are the first phases of development in many communities, it’s difficult without it to address agriculture, education, or health, all part of the long-term plan Haller uses in every community. Currently 27% of people in Kenya lack access to clean water, and 67% do not have access to improved sanitation. Kenya is considered a water scarce country and has an extreme unmet need particularly in rural areas.

ODW + Haller

We are partnering with Haller to help organize a community in Kenya to construct a rain-fed dam, a well and a bio-loo. These improvements will empower this community by providing them with clean water, sanitation, and irrigation for their farming plots. The community will then be trained in sustainable agriculture, agroforestry, aquaculture and livestock techniques.

Our partner Haller typically sees a 1000% increase in income generation through these kinds of projects, enabling housing improvements, higher school attendance and better nutrition. This partnership will provide a hand-up, not a hand-out, increasing skills that can be passed on to friends, neighbors, and generations, providing a road out of poverty.

Meet Saumu

My name is Saumu Mwangula, I am 40 years old and I live in Mitedi, in Mwalirunge. I have a farm of four acres where I grow maize, cassava and cowpeas to support my 9 children. The first dam I built was near my home in Mitedi. It has made a great difference to me because I no longer have to walk a long way to get water for my farm, so I can spend more on other things like looking after my family. But I want to learn more about farming from Haller. My sister-in-law went to the Haller farm to learn to learn about organic farming and other things and because of this she has been able to afford a better house. Her house used to be made of grass and mud, but now it is made of iron sheets. Soon I will go to the Haller farm too and learn about ways to get a higher yield so I can sell more of my crops. I want to learn about how to compost like my sister-in-law, because that will mean I can grow surplus crops and make some money from them. At the moment my family are living hand-to-mouth, but soon that will change.

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