Healthcare for HIV + Children in Zambia

Power of Love

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One Day’s Wages is partnering with the Power of Love Foundation to provide life-saving health care services to 400 HIV+ children in Zambia.

Why Matero, Zambia?

Zambia, a peaceful country in Sub-Saharan Africa, has a high prevalence of HIV infection. Over 1 million children have been orphaned in Zambia, most due to HIV and AIDS. Many orphaned children live with grandmothers, aunts, or in child-headed households who have little or no source of income.

Matero is one of the largest and poorest compounds in Lusaka, Zambia with a population of 250,000. Most residents live below the extreme poverty line (less than $2 per day), and the community has an employment rate that is nearly 60%. The community also has a high incidence of HIV, with 12% of adults testing positive. It is estimated that at least 5,000 children in Matero can benefit from pediatric HIV care services provided by Power of Love Foundation.  

ODW + Power of Love Foundation

ODW is partnering with the Power of Love Foundation to provide life-saving health care services to 400 HIV+ orphans and vulnerable children in Matero, Zambia. Children are provided food, medicine, regular health check-ups, psycho-social counseling, medication training, monitoring, and health education. Family members are provided training on basic hygiene and caring for an HIV+ child. In addition, the program counsels family members on getting tested for HIV and starting medication, both of which are critical to the prevention and spread of HIV. The high-quality of care provided through this program leads to improved child health, increased attendance and performance in school, and a healthier, self-reliant family, which has a long-lasting impact on the community.

Join Us!

Join us in preventing the spread of HIV and keeping HIV+ children healthy and in school. The progress bar above includes ODW’s intended match of $13,853 for a total fundraising goal of $27,706.

Meet Bonnie

Bonnie is an active, happy two-year-old and the youngest in a family of eight. Before Bonnie was born, her older sister enrolled in Power of Love Foundation’s pediatric HIV care program. When her HIV+ mom became pregnant with Bonnie, she was enrolled in the PMTCT (Prevention of Mother to Child transmission) program. Thanks to the preventive care and education provided to Bonnie’s family, Bonnie was born HIV free. Since her birth, Bonnie has tested negative twice, at 6 and 18 months respectively. With your support, Power of Love Foundation can empower more children like Bonnie to live happy, healthy lives!

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