Health and Hygiene in Ghana


One Day’s Wages is partnering with H2O 4 ALL to implement the second phase of their safe water and sanitation project, which will provide  access to 20 latrines and 40 permanent handwashing stations.

Why Tsopoli Village, Ghana?

Sanitation and hygiene pose a severe public health concern in many parts of Ghana, particularly in rural regions. Tsopoli Village has a population of approximately 300 adults and 200 school age children. The community is susceptible to water borne diseases that are common throughout rural areas such as cholera, malaria, dengue, typhoid, river blindness, bilharzia, and yellow fever.

While the school in Tsopoli village has a toilet facility, the structure is cracking and is unsafe to use. The building is often home to insects, bats, and other creatures. Many students and staff choose to use the local bush instead, where it is difficult to find privacy. Additionally, women and girls are at risk of violence and sexual assault when they do not have a safe latrine building to use for a bathroom. While the village has recently experienced increase in access to safe drinking water, sanitation and hygiene remain an ongoing issue due to a lack of latrines and handwashing facilities.


One Day’s Wages is partnering with H2O 4 ALL to build 20 latrines and 40 handwashing stations in Tsopoli Village on the public school property. Separate latrines will be built for school children and for community members to access during the day. Access to water for handwashing and clean latrines will help the community–especially women and girls girls–use the bathroom without having to worry about abuse, illness, privacy, or insect bites. This project will enable students to focus on their studies and empower the village community with increased hygiene, health, and safety.

Join us!

Join us in providing Tsopoli Village with increased health, hygiene, and safety through the construction of latrines and handwashing stations.The progress bar above includes our intended match amount of $12,536.92 for a total granting goal of $25,073.84.

Meet Agibu S.

Agibu is the headmaster at Tsopoli school. He has seen firsthand how the lack of proper latrines effects not only the students but the wider community as well. 

Agibu described the need at the school: “The toilet facility in the school is inadequate. The structure is weak with cracks and holes around the base making it a serious death trap and threat to the life of learners and teachers. The facility is inhabited by rats, insects, bats, and other creatures. [Even though] it is old and weak, it is still in use but not accessible to lower primary and pre-school (KG) children.

There is the need for both the school and the community to get new, modern latrines to help us promote sanitation and improve health conditions of the students, teachers, and the community members. This intervention will directly promote the living standard of our people since there will be drastic decline in the rate at which students, parents, and teachers fall sick. As a result there will be an increase in productivity in terms of teaching and learning to produce better examination results.”

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