Globally, 1 in 4 girls are neither in school, employed or in a training program to build their skills.  Through our partnerships:

Girls educated in secondary school

Girls participated in vocational training to build financial independence

Total girls were impacted and empowered


Girls’ empowerment is integral to global development. Women and girls are more likely to reinvest their income in their families and communities, boosting local economies and increasing opportunities for everyone. However, girls face many barriers to completing their studies and securing meaningful jobs: unaffordable school fees, forced child marriage, lack of sanitary products when they reach puberty, and limited opportunities to build their skills. Supporting efforts that eliminate barriers to quality education, as well as making schools a safe and encouraging space for girls to participate can greatly reduce the number of child marriages and adolescent pregnancies, along with improving girls’ economic situations, social status, and agency long-term. This translates to better economic and developmental outcomes worldwide.



  • More than 41,000 girls under the age of 18 are married every day.
  • In countries experiencing fragility and conflict, girls are 2.5 times more likely to be out of school than boys.
  • It is estimated due to limited educational opportunities for girls and barriers to completing 12 years of education, it can cost countries $15 to $30 trillion dollars in lost lifetime productivity and earnings.
  • 60 million girls are sexually assaulted on their way to or at school every year.
  • An estimated 21 million girls, in developing regions, aged 15 to 19 become pregnant each year, of which approximately 50% are unintended.  



One Day’s Wages has been partnering with grassroots organizations and communities to promote and provide quality education and vocational training to girls and young women in developing regions, often incorporating activities that will eliminate barriers and strengthen girls’ confidence. Since 2013 we have supported 31 girls’ empowerment projects in under-resourced communities, impacting over 62,000 people. Our combined efforts have provided quality education opportunities to over 13,000 girls and trained over 1,700 young women in vocational skills. Through our partnerships, Olivia has gained vocational skills to earn income, as well as soft skills to reconcile with her family after facing extensive stigma because of her teenage pregnancy, and Karuga and her fellow classmates have not only gained skills and knowledge, but also relief for the challenges and stigma periods cause in Kenya.


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