Empowering HIV+ Adolescents in Kenya

Imarisha CBO

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One Day’s Wages is partnering with Imarisha CBO to empower Sexual and Reproductive Health programs for 300 adolescents living with HIV/AIDS in Nyeri County, Kenya.


Why Kenya?

Kenya has 1.6 million individuals living with HIV and according to the Nation AIDS Control Council, there are 435,225 adolescents from ages 10 to 19 that are HIV positive while another 119,899 have the virus but are not yet identified. Failure of identification and delayed treatment coupled with the overbearing stigma and discrimination associated with being HIV positive resulted in the death of approximately 7,500 adolescents last year alone.

The needs of adolescents living with HIV are much more sensitive and varied than those of adults. They must simultaneously deal with adult issues like disclosure, practicing safe sex, and adhering to treatment while also addressing issues traditionally associated with adolescence, such as body image, peer pressure, and forming personal identity. They are excited to grow up like other kids their ages, but the potential restrictions and increased responsibility resulting from their HIV status have them weary. Sadly, the HIV positive adolescent population is likely to grow through the those who are unaware of their HIV positive status.


ODW + Imarisha CBO

One Day’s Wages is partnering with Imarisha CBO to educate and empower adolescents living with HIV. Imarisha CBO brings new and innovative ways to talk about sex, disclosure, and health needs for HIV positive adolescents that are likely to reduce HIV infections.

Our goal is to provide HIV prevention that responds to the ever-changing challenges young people face. By training teachers in schools, empowering adolescent champions advocate for themselves, conducting peer outreaches in schools, and hosting consultative forums to reach out to policy makers, Imarisha CBO will create a positive school environment, reduce stigma and discrimination, and enhance the self-esteem of adolescents living with HIV.


Join us

Join us in empowering 300 HIV positive adolescents by training teachers and champions, providing peer groups, and advocating for policy change. The progress bar above includes our intended match amount of $15,120 for a total granting goal of $18,900.

Meet Carol

Carol lost both her parents when she was just 5 years old, leaving Carol and her siblings under the care of their grandmother. At age 11, Carol fell sick and was started on ARVs. Disclosure of her status was not done in a way that so that Carol could comprehend what the drugs were or why she was taking them. “No one informed me of what I was suffering from, nor of the cause of death of my parents”.

Carol was also stigmatized by her classmates as her peers would not sit close to her or play with her. She only realized later in life that she was born HIV positive and that HIV was the cause of death for both her parents. Luckily, she was identified in one of the trainings by Imarisha CBO where she was trained on leadership, communication, and advocacy. The training has created a positive and supportive environment for Carol and her peers. With increased support to Imarisha CBO, there is renewed hope for Carol’s future and the future of other HIV positive adolescents.

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