Water and Sanitation for Children in Malawi

Pump Aid
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Water for Malawi

Pump Aid
We are partnering with Pump Aid to give children access to clean water and education in Malawi! This partnership will impact over 2,100 people with access to clean water and training on hygiene and sanitation.

Why Malawi?

Diarrhea is a leading cause of under 5 mortality in Malawi, killing approximately 4,500 children each year, nearly 90% of which is directly attributed to poor water, sanitation and hygiene (WASH). Children often have to travel long distances to visit contaminated open wells, inevitably reducing the time available for education. Stunting is common and the damage it causes tends to be reflected in lower IQs and poorer performance at school.

ODW + Pump Aid 

Our partner Pump Aid works with Community Based Childcare Centers (CBCC) in Malawi to provide both clean water sources and education for children.  Our partnership with Pump Aid will enable the continuation of these programs at 3 CBCC’s, directly impacting 300 children and 12 caregivers. Water points at each facility will be installed, as well as child-friendly toilets and interactive learning sessions on good hygiene to improve sanitation practices. Caregivers and parents will be trained on pump maintenance to increase the longevity and sustainability of water points. Pump Aid will also work with families on kitchen gardens to provide nutritious and sustainable food sources. They will then work with the surrounding community to help improve their sanitation and hygiene behaviors as well, so new behaviors that children have learned are reinforced and maintained.

Join us as we provide clean water, nutrition, and education to over 2,000 people, impacting entire communities with better health!

Meet Memory

“We did not have proper hand washing facilities to help the kids wash their hands after visiting the latrine but also the water itself was not enough. We also had to manage with kids washing their hand in only one basin – which is not good – because of the limited water we collected per day” Memory explains.

“[Thanks to this project] We will now be able to teach the kids good hygiene practices including washing hands. The water and latrines provided and the further hygiene behavior trainings we have received will go a long way in helping the kids change hygiene behavior in the centre and in the community,” she says. “We will be able to draw more water for the latrine hand washing facilities, and the hand washing facilities in the feeding area.” 

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