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The Bartz Brothers in Minnesota built a giant snow sculpture in their front yard to raise $25,000 for clean water.


Students at Foundation for International Understanding did projects on global issues and raised $57.89.


Iron-Core Fit raised $1,000 at their annual Workout for a Cause to fight human trafficking.

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Meet Monday

Monday, named after the day he was born, is a father, entrepreneur, and a good Samaritan. A few years ago, the only well in his Ugandan village broke down. No one knew how to fix it, so everyone went back to collecting water from a hole dug in the ground. The hole, however, was open to the elements and many people began to fall sick from typhoid. Even more awful, four children died while collecting water by falling into the deep hole and drowning. Being a dad with children of his own, Monday decided he had to do something.

A first of it’s kind well mechanics training program had just been established in Monday’s district. It was being funded by One Day’s Wages and our partner, The Adventure Project. The program trained men and women to become well mechanics that would keep local wells clean and working. Anyone from the village could use the wells for a small fee which would help pay the mechanics to maintain them. Monday was one of the first to enlist in the program. He fixed his community’s well and became a local hero.

As Monday told us, “I feel empowered! I have the water; I have the money. There is peace!”

Meet Ratana

Full of confidence and excitement about her future, Ratana is a 19-year-old student at Chiang Mai University, one of the best universities in Thailand. The middle of three sisters, she lived at home with her parents, sisters, and nephew. Her parents always encouraged her education, but often lacked the experience and knowledge to support her. Despite this, Ratana was determined to pursue her dream of attending university.

Ratana first came to our partner, The Freedom Story (TFS), when she was nine. We partnered with TFS to prevent human trafficking in Thailand through education. Ratana tried out some of the academic and recreational activities at TFS and enjoyed them. As a high school student, Ratana knew she wanted to go to university, but she was unsure where to begin. Using the Chiang Rai City Center run by TFS, and the counseling and mentorship available there, Ratana got advice on her educational path. She soon applied for a college scholarship through TFS and was accepted.

One month into university, studying Japanese at the best university in Northern Thailand, she has already made a lot of friends. She is grateful for the chance to study. She believes education is important not only for gaining knowledge, but also because it exposes students to new people and experiences, and expands their world.

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