Alleviating the Food Crisis in Southern Africa

World Relief
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One Day’s Wages is partnering with World Relief to ensure that all households in the Salima district of central Malawi have food security. This project will provide 388 households affected by drought and food shortages, with both adequate food and sustainable income for purchasing food in the future.


Why Southern Africa?

Many parts of Southern Africa are currently suffering from a massive food shortage. Nearly two years of severe weather and drought, have pushed families in rural areas to the brink of famine. This food crisis is affecting 7 milion of the 17 million people currently living in Malawi. Farmers are unable to grow crops, feed their children, or sell produce in the marketplace. With crops almost non-existent in some villages, and with food stores almost empty, nearly 50% of children are severely malnourished.

Experts and local leaders in Southern Africa have made it clear—this crisis could become one of the most serious and widest-spread food crises in decades if relief doesn’t continue.


ODW + World Relief

The food crisis in Southern Africa is severe, but it is not hopeless. Local churches throughout Southern Africa are delivering emergency food shipments, providing critical nutritional supplies to children who are malnourished, training farmers in sustainable agricultural practices, and helping communities become more resilient so they can be better prepared for future crises.

What churches in Southern Africa need now, are resources to help them aid more families, in more villages, throughout more regions.

Our partnership with World Relief will provide food rations for 388 households, impacting 2134 people, ensuring that the most vulnerable have adequate food for at least 6 months. The project will also support income generation activities such as food crop and livestock production, community-based nutrition interventions, bee-keeping, as well as savings and loans groups.

Together, we can help the families of central Malawi plant new crops, see them successfully harvested, refill food storehouses, and help vulnerable children survive and thrive.

Join us as we partner to provide families in central Malawi with urgently needed food and sustainable income.

Chimango: a Man with Vision

At age 29, Chimango, his wife, and three children once faced malnutrition due to food shortages common to their region of Malawi. But, with the skills and training provided to them by local churches empowered by our partner World Relief, Chimango and his family now not only have enough to eat, but have also provided inspiration to others in their village.

Chimango and others in his village were introduced to multiple programs aimed at helping villagers successfully grow crops, increase the quality of their nutrition, and gain financial independence. Villagers welcomed the programs, in order to help reduce the stunting of their children’s growth. Chimango and his family were able to participate in programs like Rabbit Production and Backyard Gardening Management. Due to their now thriving crops, Chimango’s family was able to start selling vegetables in their local market, using the money they received to buy dry fish, salt, and other items essential to proper health and nutrition. Chimango says it wasn’t easy to adopt a new technology or to change his mindset. But now he looks far ahead beyond where some other people’s eyes may see, knowing that more is possible for his family, village, and entire region.

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