set a simple resolution that can change a life

A new year

to make an impact

A new year is a fresh start–a time to set new goals in our lives. These goals may range from easy to challenging, but each one has the power to make a difference. Resolutions have become a way to connect us with each other as we collectively try to improve ourselves and our world. For your 2018 resolution, we invite you to join us as we work to empower people living in extreme poverty by taking one of these simple actions.


For your New Year’s resolution, use your birthday to raise money to empower people. It takes a couple minutes, but will have a lasting impact in communities all over the world. Pledge yours!


Use your New Year’s resolution of getting in shape to also make an impact! Set a goal and raise money through your crowdfunding page around an issue you’re passionate about. Get started!


For 2018, start a recurring donation of $10/month to make an impact all year long. Your ongoing support will enable ODW to continue sustainable development around the world. Set it up!

Our resolution:

Prove that everyday people can change the world

Tina's Birthday

Tina has donated her birthday to raise money for ODW for the past seven years. Through those campaigns, she’s raised over $10,000 to empower our work alleviating global poverty! Pledge your birthday this year to make a difference.

Snow Sculpture for a Cause

The Bartz brothers build impressive snow sculptures in their front yard each winter to raise funds for our clean water projects. Last year, they raised over $25,000! Consider how your creativity can raise funds for an issue you are passionate about this year.

Tony and Sharis's Wedding

Sharis and Tony used their wedding as a way to raise awareness and funds to fight human trafficking. Their campaign raised $1500 to support prevention and aftercare for victims of the trafficking industry. Such a cool way to make your wedding even more meaningful. Instead of presents, ask your guests to make an impact through your Wedding or Reception for a Cause.

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