If you are looking for ways to make the time and money you give to ODW go further, and you work for a company that matches donations or volunteer hours, then here is a great way to increase your impact!

Large companies often match your donations to charitable causes $1 for $1 and volunteer time hour to hour. Getting your time or donation matched is easy, just talk to your human resources department and ask how. Even small
donations are worth getting matched! Here are just a few of the companies that do matching:

Microsoft | Boeing | Alaska Airlines | AT&T | Bank of America | Starbucks | Apple 

Find out if your company matches donations

3 Ways You Can Take Advantage of Company Matches

  • Donate your one day's wages and submit it to your company to match
  • Volunteer your time with ODW and submit your hours to your company
  • Host ODW at your next company meeting, picnic, luncheon, wine and cheese event or others to get the word out!

Examples of How People Get Their Money/Time Matched

  • Cascadia Montessori in Redmond, Washington hosted a 5K, and many family members who donated to the event submitted their donations to be matched! Even donations as small as $25 were submitted and matched! Every donation counts.

  • Long-time ODW Volunteer Staff, Josh Rogers, works at Alaska Airlines and submits his hours every month.

  • ODW Advisory Board Member, Jack Chen, works at Microsoft and hosted ODW Director and Founder, Eugene Cho, at a luncheon during Microsoft's Giving Campaign.