Over our nearly five years of operation, we have achieved some amazing things together.

We've been able to raise over $2.2 million dollars and invested roughly $1.5 million in 55 partnerships around the world. These projects are making a meaningful and sustainable impact around the world on issues of extreme poverty. As it's been from the beginning, 100% of donations go to these carefully vetted projects and partnerships.

While maintaining our commitment to efficiency, we've scaled our organization from 1 paid staff and a handful of volunteers, to 2 full-time staff and over a dozen volunteers. One of the reasons we are able to run so efficiently is that for the last two years a large part of our overhead and office rent has been completely donated by two amazing companies, Stripes39 and CMN. These two companies are now moving, so we're in need of office space again. 

THANK YOU Stripes39 and CMN!

Sharing a wonderful downtown Seattle office space over the last two years has been such a huge help. It's allowed us to focus our resources on other things, while giving us a productive and welcoming space to host our volunteers, as well as meet with partners and donors.

We can't say this enough — THANK YOU!

Now What?

We need office space… basically right now. Ideally we want our next move to be somewhat long-term. The temporary space we had lined-up got pushed back and won't be ready for over a month, so for now we are homeless, or maybe it's nomadic — either way we need some help finding a space that will fit our team.

What We Need:

We're looking to our supporters to see if anyone can connect us to their network of friends or companies that have some free or cheap space:

  • Space that's over 500 square feet in the Seattle area. Emphasis on over. Ideally, we'd love to be in a space that's 1000 square feet.
  • Free rent would be amazing but if not, something under $1k/mo could work for the right space.
  • We have about 3-6 people working during the day and currently on Wednesday nights, most of our team (usually around 12) get together for a team collaboration.
  • Ideally we'd love to stay downtown because it's so convenient for our volunteers and for having meetings with our partners. BUT, we would also love an office space in other Seattle neighborhoods that are close-in.

How to Connect With Us:

If you know of a space or can connect us with someone else, send an email to office@onedayswages.org. 

If you don't know of a space or don't know anyone, you can still make a donation to our Admin Fund here to help cover things like rent. That would be so deeply appreciated, too. 

Thank You!