We are partnering with CREATE! to provide economic security and improved access to nutritious food in five rural Senegalese villages through the expansion of their poultry production program. This project will train 250 women to produce and sell poultry, benefitting their families and communities with increased protein consumption and increased family incomes. Through this campaign, we plan to match $9,777 for a total of $19,554.

Help us as we empower Senegalese women to achieve sustainable livelihoods in their rural villages.

The Need In Senegal:

Due to climate change, Senegal is facing an enormous challenge to those living in rural villages, as agriculture is the primary source of employment. It is estimated that Senegal is losing 120,000 acres of productive farmland per year due to rising temperatures and scarcity of rainfall. A poor harvest and low production rate in 2013 resulted in minimal economic growth, keeping 47 percent of the population under the poverty line. These conditions have forced many men to migrate to the cities in search of employment, leaving women to provide for their families in a difficult environment.

Our Partnership with CREATE!:

CREATE!’s mission is to help rural populations in the developing world cope with water, food, and fuel shortages resulting from the impact of climate change on their communities. To do so, they use a participatory approach to identify and meet the basic needs (water, food, energy and environment) of a community.

Our project with CREATE! will train 250 women in rural Senegalese villages to produce and sell poultry for profit. The grant will also support the construction of poultry sheds in each village and will provide seed money for the cooperative community groups to initiate poultry production. The goal is to use this community engagement to allow these groups to be financially sustainable. This project will not only impact these women and their communities, but it will also improve local commerce as restaurants and hotels use poultry from the cooperatives. 

Join us as we partner with CREATE! to support Senegalese women, their families, and their communities amidst this climate crisis.

How You Can Help:

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