Over the past year, we have funded five maternal health projects and we are in the process of funding two more! Maternal health is a huge issue that needs to be addressed. The World Health Organization estimates that over 800 women die daily from complications related to pregnancy or childbirth. When you consider that 99% of these deaths occur in developing countries, it becomes clear that work needs to be done to provide these women with access to improved maternal healthcare.  

Maternal health not only impacts mothers, but also children, families, and communities. When maternal mortality rates or complication rates are high, women cannot care for their families or support their communities. Women's health is an issue of women's empowerment, and when women are empowered, their families and communities are empowered.

The Facts:

This issue can feel overwhelming when you consider the below:

  • Daily, 800 women die from preventable causes during pregnancy and childbirth, 99% of which are in developing countries
  • In 2013, the maternal mortality rate in developing countries was 230 per every 100,000 live births (compared to 16 per 100,000 in developed countries)
  • Untreated pregnancy and birth complications cause 10-20 million women to become disabled each year, keeping them from being able to support their families to the fullest capacity 
  • Only 46% in low-income countries receive skilled care during childbirth

But here's the good news: Maternal mortality dropped by 45% between 1990 and 2013, so progress has been made; however, these statistics still show a great need for improved maternal healthcare in developing countries. Many of the deaths and complications could be prevented through relatively small and common investments like midwife training, medications, and accessible clinics.  

Our Partnerships:

We have partnered with five organizations in the past year to improve maternal health care. In total, we have granted $151,979.22 to these organizations, which has helped 15,876 people. Our partnership with Mali Health and Possible built maternal healthcare facilities reaching women across Mali and Nepal. Our grant with John Dau provided solar powered electrical units in South Sudan, allowing for the use of ultrasound technology. Primeros Pasos provided 20 women in Guatemala with medical and nutritional supplies as well as classes during pregnancy. Just this past week we funded our matching grant with RDI to train midwives in Cambodia to extend quality care into rural regions.

Currently, we are working with two other organizations to provide improved maternal health care to even more women. Wuqu' Kawoq is providing training for midwives, which will give 2,000 women access to maternal care in Guatemala. In Sierra Leone, Wellbody Alliance will use our grant to help 1,200 women by building a new maternity ward. In total, these projects will help 3,200 women gain access to improved maternal care — giving them and their families a safer life.                                                                                                              

How you can help:

Our Health Fund addresses the lack of access to medical care throughout the developing world. Make an impact towards future health projects by donating to our Health Fund here!

To donate to a current maternal health project, you can give directly to one (or both!) of these:

Thank You!


Photo Credit: Primeros Pasos

Photo Credit: Wellbody Alliance