We are excited about our partnership with Long Way Home (LWH) to provide 70 primary-school aged students access to education in Guatemala. Through this matching grant, LWH will build three classrooms to enhance these children's education. In addition, the project will also promote environmental sustainability by using recycled building materials, and will empower the community through the employment of local crew members.

Help us work with these children and their community to build the facilities necessary to improve their educational opportunities.

The Need:

Guatemala currently holds the lowest primary education completion rate in Central America. For every 10 students who enroll in primary school, only four will graduate, and of those four only one will complete lower secondary school. A mere 8.5 percent of youth pursue a university education in Guatemala. Schools often do not have the space, faculty, or materials necessary to provide children with an education. This inadequacy is even greater in the rural areas, which is where LWH currently operates. 

Long Way Home recognizes this need for education, and is seeking to provide children with schools while using a sustainable methods for construction. 

Our Partnership with LWH:

Our partnership with LWH will build 3 primary school classrooms and a retaining wall using rammed earth construction. This new construction is a continuation of the Centro Educativo Los Tecnicos Chixot project, which includes four vocational workshops, three storerooms, an art classroom, seven primary school classrooms, a guard station, a composting latrine, rainwater cistern and volunteer house constructed entirely out of recycled waste. 

The impact:

  • Provide 70 primary school aged students with facilities they need to get an education.
  • Empower 11 local Guatemalan crew members with jobs.
  • Promote environmental sustainability through the use of recycled waste materials

Join us as we partner with Long Way Home to provide children with the education they need to reach their full potential.

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