We're excited about our new partnership with Wellbody Alliance which will allow a delivery and maternal health clinic to be built and staffed in the Kono District of Sierra Leone.  With these improved services, Wellbody Alliance hopes to lower the high maternal mortality rate of the area, currently 1 in 23 women die due to childbirth. Through a matching grant, we're aiming to grant a total of $27,000.  Gaining access to proper health care will impact an estimated 1,200 women yearly as they give birth in an excellent and well equipped birthing center.

The Need in Sierra Leone:

The long and brutal civil war (1991–2002) was a main part of the context to 70% of the population living in extreme poverty and the nation's poor health care infrastructure, which is in dire need of resources. In the district of Kono, there is only one hospital and three doctors serving a population of 530,000 people. Because there is so little healthcare available, Sierra Leone has the third highest maternal mortality rate and a child mortality rate where 18.5% of children are expected not to reach their 5th birthday.   

Our Partnership With Wellbody Alliance:

Our project with Wellbody Alliance will go towards the construction costs of a delivery center for the community of the Kono District.  Once this building is constructed, 120 nurses and midwives from the community and neighboring communities will be trained, and more services will be available to the mothers and infants in the area, who before had been at high risk of death.  Through this expansion, an estimated 1,200 women will benefit from these services each year and 12,720 women will indirectly experience improved care because of the training of maternal care professionals.

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