We are so excited to tell you that our recent partnership with Preemptive Love Coalition was funded as our 50th funded project and as our largest grant to date for a total of $78,504. This grant will go towards all the medical supplies needed to perform life-saving heart surgeries and training in 2014. This means over 400 Iraqi children will gain access to this medical care, and local medical professionals will receive over 20,000 hours of training to address this issue sustainably themselves in the future.

How Did We Accomplish This? 

This major milestone was made possible through many individuals like yourself believing in this cause and giving, along with churches like Rolling Hills Covenant and Grace Community. Also, without everyday people like Sarah, Nadia, and Jessica pledging their birthdays, we wouldn't have been able to do this. Thanks to everyone that gave to this campaign or our Health Fund in the last year for making it possible to provide lifesaving surgeries for children in Iraq! 

A Word From PLC:

Friends, we're speechless. 

When we began this matching grant with our partners at One Day's Wages, we wondered if we'd raised the bar too high. Last year you helped us raise $10,000, but this $78,504 grant was the biggest in our history—and you came through!  

Your money will go directly towards providing doctors with enough medical supplies to serve over 400 Iraqi children this year. And with Iraq's sectarian conflict making headlines, your gift is timely. Thanks to you, we are poised to continue serving Iraq's marginalized children in 2014. Thanks to you, we can now offer Iraqi families a message of hope and healing, showing them they are not abandoned—they have countless compassionate supporters around the world who refuse to let their children die. 

So on behalf of our staff in Iraq, the doctors you're helping train, and the children you're helping save: thank you! 

With love from Iraq,
Jeremy Courtney | Founder & Executive Director of Preemptive Love

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Thank You!

As always, we'll report back to you with pictures and progress reports as they become available to us. You can also learn more about our Health Fund and make a donation to future projects like this one.

We're grateful for your partnership, support, and trust. ODW is you, me, us, and them working together for a more compassionate and just world.