We are partnering with Oasis Mozambique to help curb the spread of water-borne diseases through education and training in the Manga Loforte community of Mozambique. This program empowers people in the community to become “change agents” in their community through a WASH program (Water, Sanitation and Hygiene) along with malaria-prevention education that will impact 1,200 households, including 3,500 children. 

The Need in Manga Loforte:

Magna Loforte is a settlement outside of Beira, Mozambique's second largest city. Because of its location, when there is heavy rainfall, there is not enough drainage which leads to contaminated water and the spread of diseases. The community does not have the resources for proper water or sanitation facilities so education on basic sanitation and hygiene are greatly needed, particularly when you consider that these programs can reduce the cases of water-borne disease by 33%. 

Our Partnership With Oasis Mozambique

The goal of the project is to reduce infant mortality and morbidity caused by water-borne diseases through education and awareness by empowering members of the community to become change agents. The program will include weekly visits to 10-12 neighborhoods, educating on the practices of hygiene and proper sanitation, while also raising awareness about the signs, stages and transmission of malaria, this will include treatment options and prevention strategies

Altogether, this project will impact more than 1,200 households and 3,500 children. Stand with us as we come alongside Oasis Mozambique and the community to work towards a healthier future.

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