We are partnering with Resource Development International (RDI) to improve maternal care for families in Cambodia. Through this matching grant, RDI will be able to expand the reach of their maternal health work through midwifery training and by providing access to prenatal care and delivery services for 250 women. We believe that access to maternal care is a crucial part of the empowerment of women and their families, let's stand with these women.

Why Maternal Health in Cambodia? 

In Cambodia, maternity related complications are one of the leading causes of death among rural Cambodian women ages 15-49. Due to poverty, lack of education, and lack of access to health centers, many rural Cambodian women will deliver in unsanitary conditions with assistance from someone who most likely never received training and is without the necessary medicine and equipment to help in an emergency. The result is the highest maternal death rate in Southeast Asia.


Through this partnership with RDI, we will come alongside the families in the Kandal Province to support and strengthen their maternal health programs. 

The project has three main goals:

  • To increase the knowledge of rural health center staff in best practices to prevent maternal and newborn mortality.
  • To train more community health teachers to teach and assist pregnant women in their villages for years to come.  
  • To increase the use of the local health center for delivery of baby and immunizations.

The 250 women who will receive prenatal care and classes will also have their delivery and postnatal cost covered. This will allow the women to go in for check ups before delivery, deliver their baby in a safe place, and receive immunizations for their baby's first year. We believe that access to quality maternal care is a crucial part of the empowerment of women and their families. Join us as we work towards this goal in Cambodia.

Join us as we partner with RDI to help these women, babies, and families live healthier lives.

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