We are proud to partner again with Preemptive Love Coalition to support lifesaving heart surgeries for children in Iraq through our largest grant to date — a $75,000 matching grant. The funds raised through this partnership will provide medical supplies for all of Preemptive Love’s surgical work in 2014. These medical supplies translate into lifesaving surgeries for over 400 children, like six-year-old Maddy (pictured) to have a chance to shape the future of his country, as well as nearly 20,000 hours of hands-on training for local medical teams. We're standing with Preemptive Love to empower Iraq and foster peace, one child at a time.

Who is Preemptive Love?

Preemptive Love is a nonprofit providing lifesaving heart surgeries for Iraqi children in the pursuit of peace between communities at odds. Preemptive Love works toward making surgery accessible to children like Maddy by training and raising up local medical teams to be a long-term local solution for Iraq’s children. Exponentially increasing local surgical capacity provides tangible hope to families like Maddy’s who watch their children overcome the limitations of their congenital heart defect (CHD) and rejoin their friends at school. 

Why Heart Surgeries in Iraq? 

Iraq has an extremely high rate of children born with heart defects, requiring some form of treatment in order for the child to survive, sometimes medication, many times with open-heart surgery. The preeminent heart hospital in Baghdad reported that it turns away an average of 80 children per day, leaving many with almost no access to doctors who can provide them with proper care.

Today, there are thousands of children in urgent need of lifesaving heart surgery with almost no access to doctors who can provide them. With your help, hundreds of more children will join Maddy to receive the lifesaving surgery they need this coming year. 

Our Partnership with Preemptive Love

We are partnering with Preemptive Love to help provide medical supplies for eight Remedy Missions and the Remedy Fellowship during 2014. A Remedy Mission is a two-week intensive program that focuses on providing hundreds to thousands of hours of training to local medical teams, as well as providing lifesaving heart surgeries to Iraqi children.

Consider the impact:

  • $9 provides heart stitches
  • $56 provides a heart patch
  • $280 provides a surgery supply kit

Join us as we help Preemptive Love provide lifesaving heart surgeries to children like Maddy all across Iraq. 

How can you help?

  • Calculate and donate your One Day's Wages or any amount.
  • Pledge Your birthday for this campaign, or your Idea. **
  • Partner with us through your Business, School, or Place of Worship.
  • Share this campaign throughout your social network.

Give to this Project

** If you launch a Birthday or Idea For A Cause campaign and raise $500+, which provides 5 heart patches and 25 suture packs in a surgical supply package, then Preemptive Love will give you a copy of their Co-Founder Jeremy Courtney’s new book and a free t-shirt.